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SonoCine Technology

SonoCine Technology

Dense Breast Tissue vs. Normal Breast TissueSt. Mary’s Breast Center offers SonoCine technology, an automated breast ultrasound system that can detect cancer early in women with dense breasts.

St. Mary’s is the only facility in Evansville to offer this technology. The SonoCine finds cancers that traditional mammography may not detect, especially in women with dense breasts. About forty percent of women are classified as having dense breasts. Factors such as weight and breast size play no role in what tissue type women have.

With traditional mammograms, cancer appears white against the dark background of fatty breast tissue. However, dense breasts appear white in the background, making the cancer difficult to see.

SonoCine uses sophisticated robotic technology to perform and record the ultrasound scan, creating a motion picture effect. Since the human mind is programmed to see and analyze moving objects, it is easier to distinguish the cancers from the normal tissue.

Because the SonoCine finds cancers earlier while they are still small, treatment is easier, and lives are saved.    

For more information about our comprehensive breast health services, please contact the St. Mary's Breast Center:

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