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Physician Referral

Physician Referral

St. Mary's Sleep Center - Fast Track Referral

St. Mary's Sleep Disorders Center
Telephone: (812) 485-7680
Fax: (812) 485-7576  

We use a "fast track" referral system for those patients suspected of having obstructive sleep apnea.  The Physician Referral Form and other paperwork is reviewed in order to document medical necessity.  We also have a separate form for pediatric sleep disorders. If requested, a sleep medicine consultation is available prior to any testing.

If significant sleep apnea is diagnosed after review of the study, a sleep medicine consultation in the clinic is arranged. In select cases the referring physician may request, if he/she has expertise in the management of sleep apnea, to see the patients in follow-up.

Before patients return for a CPAP titration study, a special service called CPAP adaptation may be offered, whereby a technician meets with the patient in the clinic in order to fit a mask and allow the patient "try out" the pressure therapy. This CPAP adaptation often alleviates the anxiety that many have about the treatment and allows for a smoother CPAP titration study.

Patients with the following symptoms are typically seen in consultation prior to any sleep testing:

  • Narcolepsy - a disabling sleep disorder that mixes the nervous system's messages about when to sleep and when to be awake. Narcolepsy usually starts during the teen years or early adulthood and continues throughout life.
  • Parasomnias - undesirable physical activities that occur during sleep involving skeletal muscle activity, nervous system changes, or both. Night terrors and sleepwalking are two types of parasomnias.
  • Sleep-related movement disorders
  • Circadian rhythm disorders - the body's "biological clock," or 24-hour cycle (circadian rhythm), can be affected by light or darkness, which can make the body think it is time to sleep or wake up.
  • Chronic insomnia 

Other specialized testing is also conducted including multiple sleep latency testing, maintenance of wakefulness testing, overnight pulse oximetry and wrist actigraphy.  All patients require a physician referral.

A New Adult Patient Packet is available online, as well as a Pediatric New Patient Packet, which need to be completed and taken to the sleep study.  Referring physician practices need to complete the Physician Referral Form to schedule a study.


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