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Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Shared Governance was founded on the cornerstone principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership at the point of service.  St. Mary’s has six Governance Councils that assume responsibility, accountability and function for defined elements of nursing practice.

These Councils are:

  • Advanced Practice Nurse Council
  • Clinical Practice Council
  • Clinical Services/Nursing Management Council
  • Education and Professional Development
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Recruitment, Retention and Recognition
  • Nursing Alliance Assembly
  • Nursing – Clinical Informatics

Each area of Nursing has unit or service-area councils that report to the governing councils.  The councils participate in defined decision making and coordination of nursing as well as provide input through the Shared Governance process in all areas where nursing care is delivered.

Each council establishes its own goals, purpose and deliverables within the framework established by the Bylaws and the Nursing Assembly Alliance and focuses on work plans that apply logically to that council.

Advanced Practice Nurse Council

This council provides leadership and direction for advanced practice nursing within St. Mary’s Medical Center through leadership, education, research, collaboration and consultation, and representation on hospital committees.  This council is comprised of master’s prepared nurses who function in an advanced practice role and meet the definition of Advanced Practice Nurse as defined in Section 4 of the Nursing Excellence Professional Practice Model Bylaws. Nurses enrolled in a master’s level program for an advanced practice degree and are employed to function as advanced practice nurses upon completion of program are also eligible to become voting members of this council.

This council promotes the growth and direction of the advanced practice nursing role. 

Clinical Practice Council

This Council defines, implements and maintains the professional standards necessary to allow and expect nurses at the bedside to deliver quality care for all patients.  These standards reflect evidence based care and relationship based theory adaptation.

Clinical Services/Nursing Management Council

This Council organizes and controls resources, delineates and fulfills nursing management objectives. It develops and nurtures an environment that promotes and enhances the practice of professional nursing. This Council is chaired by the Chief Nursing Officer. The members are the Directors, Managers, Executive Directors, the Administrator for the Hospital for Women & Children and the Vice President of Cardiovascular Services.

Education and Professional Development Council

The Education and Professional Development Council defines, implements, maintains and evaluates educational standards that promote professional growth and ongoing clinical excellence through continuing education, competency and an emphasis on evidence-based practice and research.

Quality and Patient Safety Council

This Council monitors the appropriateness and effectiveness of nursing practice and nursing care and ensures compliance with established standards of care and practice.  The council is dedicated to providing a safe environment for patients, families, volunteers, visitors, and medical staff and St. Mary’s associates.  The council will promote transparency and the attainment of high reliability organizational characteristics.

Recruitment, Retention and Recognition Council

This Council promotes a culture of professionalism, mentoring and excellence. It seeks out and provides opportunities for professional nursing to be recognized and rewarded for excellence in practice. The Council is also charged with developing and maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to the development of a preferred workplace environment and the promotion of Shared Governance.

Nursing Alliance Assembly Council

This Council provides leadership, direction and coordination for the other Councils. It serves as a clearinghouse and communication hub for nursing issues and disseminates information and objectives back to the appropriate council for intervention, action or discussion. This Council is chaired by the Chief Nursing Officer. Members are the Chairs of all the Councils, the Chair-elect of the Councils, the Administrator for the Hospital for Women & Children, the Vice President of Cardiovascular Services and the Executive Directors.

Nursing - Informatics Council

This council provides operational clinical informatics workflow alignment processes established by the Informatics Technology Governance Council (ITGC) through a focus on data entry structure, process and clinical decision support. The Council's work will be reported through the Clinical Solution Informatics Transformation Program (CSITP) and Nursing Alliance Assembly.

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