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St. Vincent Pediatric Psychologist Shares His Thoughts

Dr. Jim SchroederThe following articles are written by Dr. Jim Schroeder, a member of the pediatric psychology team at St. Vincent Center for Children in Evansville, Indiana.

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Dear Beloved


Sexuality Uncovered (print entire series)

Part I: Understanding What We Know
Part II: Striving Towards Best Practice
Part III: Hey Guys, You are Much More Than What They Say
Part IV: Calling All Teen Girls: Please Don’t Settle for the Guys


Extremes of the Mind: Addressing Perfectionistic and Intrusive Thoughts

Part I: The Pursuit of Perfection
Part II: Just Don't Think About It


The Rocky Marriage of Youth, Devices, and Schools

Part I: Banning Computers in the Classroom? Devices in Schools
Part II: An App Full of Reasons Why the Mobile Device-Youth Experiment is Failing


Saying Yes to Drugs? (print entire series)

Part I: Confronting the Reality
Part II: Changing the Answer to No
Part III: Starting with New Questions


The Promise of Pain


Understanding Why Authoritative Parenting is About More Than Parenting


Setting Realistic Expectations for Parenting


Treating Kids as Adults, and Adults as Kids

Left to Their Own Devices
How Our Youth's Concept of Privacy is Changing; Why We As Parents Shouldn't Accept It
31 Going On 13


Mental Health Stigma: More than Just a Matter of Diagnosis (print entire series)

Part I: The Delicate Topic of Stigma, Labeling, and the Search for the Common Good
Part II: Perceived Public and Personal Stigma
Part III: The Critical Nature of Authenticity in Virtue in Combatting Stigma


In the Long Run: The Exercise Potential (print entire series)

Part I: Training for Life
Part II: Why the Treadmill Comes to a Halt
Part III: Aid Station
Part IV: Thoughts on the Move


Grrrrrit: The Art of Persistence



Someday When You Are an Adult...


Now: The Opportunity of a Lifetime


Too Good to Be True? Separating Truth from Trends

How Following the Trail of "Cutting Edge" and "Convenient" Can Distort Reality
How The "Almighty Norm" Can Dilute Advice We Receive


Say What? Understanding That What We Say-and How We Say It-Changes Lives


There Is Another Way: Merging Technology Use with Health and Faith

Do You Know What Is Coming into Your Youth's Phone?
Why 1:1 Is Not the Answer: Taking a Closer Look at Technology in the Schools
A New Vision of Technology and Our Youth


Want to Be Drug Free? It's Time to Live More Simply


The Namby Pamby Effect: Are Our Kids Growing Up Soft and Confused?


Rethinking What We Say to Our Kids

I Just Want You to Be Happy: No, We Want Much, Much More for You
It's What's On the Inside That Counts: Actually, It's Being Whole That Matters
Always Believe in Yourself No Matter What Anyone Says: On Second Thought, Know When to Heed Advice & When to Go Alone


Addressing the Mental Health Crisis: What Really Matters

Watch Presentation on Addressing the Mental Health Crisis


The Union of Faith, Family, and Psychology: Reuniting Old Friends

The Double Helix of Faith and Family
Turning Faith and Works Inside Out: A Psychologist's Perspective
The Insidious Role of Pride in our Own Psychological Downfall
Financial Stress: Auditing Our Money Woes


There's More to Sleep Than Shuts the Eye (print entire series)

Part I: Waking Up to All that Sleep Does
Part II: The ABC's of ZZZ's
Part III: Putting to Bed Specific Sleep Problems


Reconsidering Youth Sports: What Happens When the Lights Go Off?




Moving Beyond the Fear of Fear


Playing the Parenting Odds - Teaching Our Children to Do the Same


Weeding Through the Decisions of Youth


What Autism Teaches Us About Relationships—What Technology Does Not (print entire series)

1. Part I: Opening Act
2. Part II: Lost Conversations
3. Part III: For Better or For Worse


When to Control - When to Let Go


America the Beautiful: Reconsidering the American Dream


Striving for the Ideal -- In Others


Cultivating Our Future: Are We Reaping What We Are Sowing? (print entire series)

1. Part I: Cultivating Our Future - Changing Times
2. Part II: Cultivating Our Future - A Privileged Life
3. Part III: Cultivating Our Future - Where Have All the Good Workers Gone?
4. Part IV: Cultivating Our Future - What Really Matters?


We Are What We Eat (print entire series)
Dr. Schroeder's Guest Expert is Dr. Rebecca Carey

1. Part I: We Are What We Eat - Where Have We Come From?
2. Part II: We Are What We Eat - Sifting Through the Ingredients for Change
3. Part III: We Are What We Eat - Beneath the Icing


What Our Emotions Are Trying to Tell Us


In Letting Out the Spirit Within


Linked In: Assessing Trends Regarding Youth's Consumption
of Technology (print entire series)

  1. Part I: Linked In - A Day in the Life of Our Youth
  2. Part II: Linked In - How Did We Get Here?
  3. Part III: Linked In - Benefits and Risks
  4. Part IV: Linked In - Consideration of the Public Good
  5. Part V: Linked In - Practical Ideas




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