Center for Children

At St. Mary's Center for Children your child will receive comprehensive outpatient care. The Center for Children was created to address the unmet healthcare needs of children in the region. It is a central resource where parents and caregivers can get the answers they need for autism services, feeding disorders, psychology resources - more quickly, more clearly, more accurately.

When your child needs care that requires a specialist, you don't want red tape, excuses, delays or unnecessary trips out of town. You want answers. You want understanding. You want help. At. St. Mary's Center for Children we're here to give you the answers you need quickly, clearly and accurately.

The Center for Children's comprehensive services include:

Autism Program

We use award-winning therapeutic techniques for autism spectrum disorders to help children and their caregivers increase each child's adaptive, social and academic abilities, as well as other identifiable skills. More...

Feeding Program

Our unique program offers the first and only behavior-based, intensive feeding therapy program in the Tri-State. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Clawson, a multi-disciplinary specialist team will assess and treat your child based on his or her individual needs. More...

Pediatric Psychology

St. Mary's Center for Children offers a full spectrum of pediatric psychological assessments and treatments for children with learning, behavioral, psychosocial and medical issues. More...

Pediatric Sleep Medicine

Our on-site pediatric sleep clinic provides overnight sleep studies staffed by specially-trained sleep technicians. More...

Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic

Some of the most renowned pediatric specialists from around the Tri-State come to St. Mary's Center for Children, so you and your child and stay close to home and still get the best treatment available. More...

Resource Center

The first of its kind in the Tri-State, the Center for Children's Resource Center provides free guidance and scheduling assistance to local and regional families and their physicians. The Resource Center features a parent library, parent support groups and assistance with insurance questions.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

The purpose of the postdoctoral program is to provide enhanced training to an individual who has acquired his or her doctorate degree in psychology, and is seeking further expertise in providing services for children and families. More...

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