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Fixed & Indexed Annuities

Fixed & Indexed Annuities

Senior Connection takes a very conservative approach when it comes to annuities.  We offer fixed and equity-indexed annuities.

We do not offer variable annuities or any other "securities" type investments.  We can refer you to one of our network partners if you are interested in this type of product.  Our fixed annuities offer a variety of multi-year interest rate guarantees that are very competitive in the industry and can provide security of principal when kept for the term of the annuity.

Equity-indexed annuities may also offer safety of principal with an opportunity to receive a greater return due to a positive market performance. Typically any gains are "locked in" once earned and will not be lost simply because the market suffers a downturn in the future.

Annuities generally have surrender charges that are applicable for a certain number of years. These charges will reduce your annuity value if you withdraw the money during this time (except under certain circumstances). Remember, annuities are designed for long-term growth and safety and to ultimately provide an income stream that you can't outlive.

Talk to us today about if and when an annuity is appropriate for you.

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