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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

St. Mary's Vestibular Rehab Program

Vestibular rehabilitation is a form treatment for vertigo, imbalance and dizziness due to vestibular (inner ear) dysfunction.  Vestibular rehabilitation involves specific maneuvers or exercises that are prescribed to correct problems in the inner ear or to retrain your brain to compensate for problems that cannot be corrected. It is a treatment option for various disorders resulting from infection of or injury to the vestibular system or simply from aging.

Treatment is based on a comprehensive equilibrium assessment that uses special tests to determine the nature and cause of your disorder.  The assessment looks at:

  • Vision
  • Balance
  • Spatial relations
  • Proprioception (the sense of where body parts are in relation to each other)
  • Vestibular system integration

Our treatments focus on compensation techniques to reduce falls and vertigo symptoms and improve balance, posture and movement.  This includes:

  • Decreasing visual dependency
  • Monitoring dizziness
  • Compensation skill training
  • Creating an individualized home exercise program

Patients referred for vestibular rehabilitation should:

  • Not take medication(s) for balance problems on the day of  the PT evaluation.
  • Wear tennis shoes or shoes with good foot support.
  • Plan to have another individual available to help drive home.
  • Expect possible motion/movement sickness during the evaluation and follow-up treatments. 
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