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Lymphedema Rehabilitation

Lymphedema Rehabilitation

What Is Lymphedema and How Is It Treated at St. Mary's?

Lymphedema is a medical condition that affects the body's lymphatic system.  If this system of lymph vessels and nodes is damaged, or if a vessel or node is removed, fluid cannot flow through the system correctly and can accumulate.  This causes swelling in the affected body part.

Our lymphedema treatment includes:

  • Individualized and/or group activities and exercises focusing on positioning and posture awareness
  • Use of Intermittent Compression Pump and/or support garments
  • Review of principles of skin protection and the use of constrictive clothing and jewelry
  • Activity/exercise program emphasizing mobility of the involved limb(s)
  • Individualized home activity/exercise program to reinforce precautions with good body mechanics
  • Outcomes focus on increased flexibility, improved body/mind awareness, re-engagement in more productive lifestyle, decreased pain/somatic symptoms, controlled swelling and follow through with program guidelines

Call (812) 485-5200 to schedule your first treatment.

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