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St. Mary's Podiatric Residency Program Details

St. Mary's Podiatric Residency Program Details

Detailed Information About St. Mary's Podiatric Residency

The purpose of the St. Mary's Podiatric Residency Program is to teach resident physicians to deliver comprehensive, ongoing, care to patients of all ages. Residents are taught how a patient's individual needs, life experiences, and expectations can impact one's health. Further, residents are taught to recognize and understand how various life circumstances (i.e. family, work, environment, socioeconomic conditions, etc) play an important role in the overall well-being of our patients.

 The St. Mary's Podiatric Residency Program trains new physicians while delivering health care to the medically under-served. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education.

The Podiatric Residency Program upholds the philosophy and mission of St. Mary's Medical Center and its sponsoring organization, Ascension Health and the Daughters of Charity. In this healing ministry, we promote service, we provide direct health care to the community, and we provide programs which expand and perpetuate this ministry.

St. Mary's Medical Center Podiatric Residency Program will:

  • Provide a three-year accredited program to train and graduate qualified candidates for board certification in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Primary Medicine.
  • Residents will master the art of delivering comprehensive health care to patients of any age, gender, ethnicity, and stage of development, from conception to death.
  • Residents will fully recognize the family and societal interactions and dynamics which occur at various phases of the life cycle.
  • Provide training and a support system for graduates entering into areas of special needs including rural areas, inner cities, and missionary settings.
  • Promote programs and services which support the family unit and the dignity of human life, from the moment of conception, throughout life and death.
  • Establish community health care programs or provide links to community agencies which address health care needs of targeted groups while providing educational opportunities for our residents in training.
  • Populations served may include:
    • Poor, unemployed, inner city population, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals
    • Rural communities
    • Elderly
    • High-risk diabetic patients
  • Promote a collegial relationship between Podiatry Residents in training, established Primary Care Physicians, specialists, and sub-specialists in the community. This includes support for community practitioners, especially those in solo or rural situations.
  • Support and participate in continuing education programs developed by St. Mary's Medical Center for the medical staff and other health care professionals in our community.
  • Support clinical and educational projects in Podiatric Medicine. This includes support for programs offering patient education and health and wellness information.
  • Provide a Podiatric care setting to train Podiatry students and allied health professionals.

The St. Mary's Podiatric Residency, a three-year program, serves a dual mission - top-notch resident education and service to our patients in a Christ-centered environment. We teach our residents to provide ongoing, comprehensive health care with dedication and compassion, seeking to heal mind, body and spirit. A graduate from our program will be well-equipped for board certification in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Primary Medicine.

St. Mary's Medical Center is a tertiary care center and Level II Trauma Center. It serves as a regional referral center in specialized areas: renal dialysis, emergency, radiation oncology, cardiac care, geriatric services, pediatric intensive care, perinatology and neonatal intensive care.

The Podiatric Clinic is located on campus and is the primary training areas for our residents. Outreach clinics, community service opportunities, and overseas mission work are expanded opportunities to practice your faith within the medical context.

We invite you to explore the next few pages. You will quickly learn why our program is so special. If you seek to learn and practice podiatric medicine with a sense of purpose and a spirit of service to others, this program will be right for you.

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