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Safety Guidelines for Pediatric Patients

Safety Guidelines for Pediatric Patients at St. Mary's

Safety on the Pediatric Unit

Safety is of primary importance in our Pediatric Unit.

To help us provide a protective environment for your child, please be aware of these safety guidelines:

  • Please do not give your child any medications he or she was taking prior to hospitalization. The nursing staff will administer medications your child's doctor prescribes.  Ask us if you are unsure about any medications being given to your child.
  • To help avoid injury, a parent must be at the bedside if the bedside rail is down.
  • Crib side rails should be up all the way if you are not directly at the bedside.
  • Bubble tops are in place on cribs to prevent young children from climbing or falling out of bed.
  • Your child should not sleep on your cot or recliner even if you are holding him or her.
  • Your child's temperature must be in normal range for at least 24 hours before he or she is allowed out of the room. An adult must accompany children 5 years of age or under if they are up on the unit or in the play area.
  • As a parent you will be asked to leave a password with the staff on admission. The password is used for security reasons if you need to leave for a while or are unable to stay with your child. The password should be given only to those persons approved by you to visit or receive information while you are gone.
  • All children under the age of two must be escorted out at discharge by a staff member.
  • Hugs Screening System is used for children age 12 and younger  A bracelet will be placed on your child's wrist or ankle.  This will sound an alarm if your child gets too close to an exit or elevator.  Please do not allow your child to pull or play with the Hugs bracelet.
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