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Pediatric Psychology Resources

St. Mary's Pediatric Psychology Team Works
with the Child's Family and Caregivers

Psychology Services

St. Mary's Center for Children offers a full spectrum of pediatric psychological assessments.
St. Mary's Pediatric
Psych Services

St. Mary's Center for Children offers a full spectrum of pediatric psychological assessments and treatments for children with learning, behavioral, psychosocial and medical issues.

We work with the child's family and other caregivers to promote more effective management of pediatric psychological conditions with a holistic understanding of the complex behavioral, emotional and cognitive factors that contribute to successful family management of these conditions.

Inpatient consultations:

If a child is hospitalized on the medical floor at St. Mary's Medical Center, the PCP can request a psychology consultation.  An inpatient consultation may be beneficial to address any of the following concerns:

  • Coping with the stress of a chronic illness and/or traumatic injury
  • Adherence problems to medication and treatment regimen
  • Anxiety reduction/relaxation/biofeedback
  • Depressive reactions and withdrawal
  • Eating and feeding problems
  • Family dysfunction and adjustment reactions
  • Management of aggressive or disruptive behavior
  • Pain management
  • Family/patient conflict with staff
  • Grief issues
  • Parental coping with child diagnosis
  • Differential diagnosis of somatization and conversion contributions to symptom presentation

The consultation can be made by calling the Center for Children at 812-485-7816 and providing information regarding the child's medical condition and the reason for the consultation.  Please allow 24 hrs. for the completion of the consultation, and note this service is not available on weekends or after hours.  Also note that children who are hospitalized after a suicide attempt are directly transferred to an inpatient psychiatric facility once medically stable.  Psychology consultations are not recommended in these situations because the treatment plan is clear and established early on in the hospitalization. 

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