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EEG Testing - What to Expect

EEG Testing - What to Expect

An EEG is totally painless. Your child's head will be measured and each spot that will have an electrode (small gold disc) is rubbed with a cream-tipped applicator to prepare the area.  Twenty-seven electrodes will be applied onto the scalp with paste and tape.  The paste can be removed with soap and water. 

An EEG technician, sitting at a computer screen, will monitor the brain waves generated during the test and sent to the computer.

During the test, your child will be asked to breathe rapidly and deeply for 3 - 5 minutes and a flashing light will be placed in front of his/her closed eyes.

At the end of the test, the electrodes are removed and the scalp is cleaned.  This is also painless.

Please allow one week for the results of the test, which you should get from the ordering physician.  The technician may not give any information pertaining to results of the testing.

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