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Anesthesia Imaging

Anesthesia Imaging

Pediatric Imaging - Anesthesia Imaging

Anesthesia may be required in order to perform some exams.  MRI is the most common procedure in Radiology where the patient will undergo anesthesia.  The St. Mary's Anesthesiologist will perform the general anesthesia. 

Once it is determined by your child's physician that he or she will need anesthesia for a Radiology procedure, you or your physician's office will contact St. Mary's registration to schedule and pre register your child.

Once the exam is scheduled, an admission nurse will contact you to get the pertinent patient history. 

Before the Procedure

On the day of the procedure you will report to the Same Day Surgery Department.  There will be a complete patient assessment by the nurse with a brief description of the procedure.  Your child's airway, heart and lungs will be examined carefully. An IV will be started. When all preparations have been completed, you and your child will be transported to MRI. 

During the Procedure

General anesthesia will be given to your child.  He or she will be very comfortable before the procedure begins.  Anesthesia will be maintained with IV agents.

Throughout the exam, an Anesthesiologist will monitor your child closely while the MRI technologists perform the procedure. 

After the Procedure

Recovery from these procedures is generally quick.  Your child will be monitored for a short time after the procedure to make sure that all of their needs are met.  Your child may be a little sleepy when you get home, but will be able to resume normal activities once rested. 

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