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Pediatric Sleep Test Guidelines

Sleep Test Guidelnes for St. Mary's Sleep Disorders Center

Your child’s doctor requested a sleep study through St. Mary's Sleep Disorders Center in Evansville, Indiana.  To prepare for the sleep study, please complete and bring to the St. Mary's Sleep Disorders Center the following documents:  Sleep Diary, Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire, and Patient Registration Form - all of which can be found and downloaded from this website.

Location: Sleep Disorders Center inside Rehabilitation Institute (map location #23).  Please use parking lot L referenced on this map.  Enter through the front of the Rehabilitation Institute, take the elevator to the third floor and go through the double doors and down the hallway to the right.

To cancel or reschedule study call the Sleep Disorders office (812)-485-7680. If you have questions or need directions for this appointment please call (812) 485-7425 or toll-free (877) 589-9858.

Guidelines for the Sleep Study:

  1. To help your child fall asleep for the study, do not allow your child to drink beverages with caffeine or eat chocolate on the day of the sleep study. Maintain your child’s normal daytime routine and do not allow child to sleep after 3:00 pm.
  2. Unless instructed otherwise give your child their regular medicines. If you need to give medications during the sleep study, please bring them with you in their original container.
  3. One parent or legal guardian must stay with the child during the sleep study.  No other children or adults are permitted.
  4. The parent and child should eat their evening meal before arriving to the sleep center. No night food service is available at the sleep center, but a refrigerator is available to store a snack food and drink.
  5. Your child should have a bath and scalp shampooed before the study. Hair should be clean and without conditioners, spray or styling products or oils. These products interfere with the testing sensors placed on the scalp.
  6. Children should wear or bring their pajamas to the study. Help your child select and bring their “away from home” sleep comforts such as special blanket, 2-3 soft toys, and storybooks. Bring any personal necessities with you such as diapers, formula and bottles, and snacks.  * Please bring calming items rather than toys that may excite child.
  7. If your child is ill the day of the study, call and reschedule ASAP 812-485-7680. This includes diarrhea, fever, rash, flu or any communicable disease. It is important your child is feeling their best for a quality recording.
  8. You and your child should be ready to leave in the morning by 7:00 am.
  9. The sleep medicine doctor will review the sleep recording, sleep diary and sleep questionnaire responses and if ordered blood work and x-ray.  Your child’s doctor or specialist that ordered the sleep study will receive written study results within 10 working days.
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