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Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative/Supportive Care - Providing Compassion and Comfort

Palliative Care is a special kind of care for people of any age who are experiencing advanced, progressive illness. Palliative care provides compassion and comfort and maintains the best possible quality of life in keeping with the patient's wishes.

The plan of care developed by the Palliative Care team incorporates the patient's preferences concerning testing, monitoring and treatment.  Palliative Care is a consultative service, which means it requires a physician order.

Our palliative care professionals are experts in many facets of care including:

  • Helping you and your loved one understand your illness, know what to expect, and understand treatment options
  • Managing pain with medications and other methods
  • Lessening distressing symptoms such as breathing difficulties, nausea and loss of appetite, bowel and bladder problems, confusion and anxiety and other physical problems
  • Advocating the best possible quality of life
  • Adjusting treatment if the illness worsens
  • Finding resources to help manage the costs of care, loss of income, unreimbursed healthcare needs and other expenses
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support when needed

Additional information about Palliative Care is available.  To learn more about the St. Mary's Palliative Care program, call (812) 485-7954.


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