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Organ Donations

Organ Donations

Organ Donations

The Gift of Life
St. Mary's was awarded the 2010 Medal of Honor for Organ Donation by Dept. of Health Resources and Service Administration for achieving and sustaining national goals for donation.

An organ donation is one of the most sacrificial gifts you can give to another human being.  Today, many people are leading full and productive lives because someone cared enough to make this "living" donation.  St. Mary's works closely with the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization to save lives through the recovery of donor organs and tissues suitable for transplant.

Did you know that: *

  • More than 120,000 people in the U.S. are currently waiting for organ transplants
  • Another man, women, or child is added to the transplant waiting list every 10 minutes
  • Due to the critical shortage of organs, more than 6,500 people will die this year waiting for an organ - an average of 18 patients every single day
  • In Indiana, more than 1,500 people are on the transplant list, waiting, hoping for an organ, eye, or tissue transplant
  • One organ and tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of 50 or more people.
  • Sadly, an average of 18 patients die each day waiting for an organ transplant.

Transplant Waiting List: 

      Indiana     United States 
Heart 46 3,543


24 1,683
Liver 84 15,797
Kidney 1,299 96,994
Kidney/Pancreas 40 2,063
Pancreas 26 1,183
Intestine 4 256

*total may be less than
the sums due to patients
included in multiple catgories

1,463 118,821








Transplant Waiting statistics updated 9/16/13 from the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization.

IOPO (Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc.)

  • Provides Indiana residents with information about donation
  • Coordinates organ donation and transplantation with United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS)
  • Assists hospitals with the development of policies and procedures for donation
  • Performs tissue and eye recovery
  • Offers bereavement aftercare services to the families of donors
  • Works with families of potential donors about donation at the hospital site and answer questions

 Additional information about IOPO can be obtained by calling 888-ASK-IOPO (888- 275-4676).  To register your organ donation wishes, visit

*statistics from the IOPO website 

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