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Home Preparations

Preparing Your Home After Joint Replacement Surgery

Preparing Your Home:  Needs and Safety Checklist

Your return to maximum physical functioning is our primary concern.  Below are some suggestions for maximum safety for your home following joint replacement surgery.

  • Keep stairways, halls and pathways free of clutter.  Check to be sure pathways are wide enough for a walker.
  • Remove any electrical cords that might be in the way.
  • Install night lights in bathroom, bedroom, and along the path of travel.
  • Check to be sure carpets are secure.  Remove all throw rugs.
  • Have at least one chair that has armrests and a firm seat cushion.  Avoid sofas or chairs that are low, deep or very soft.  Do not pull on walker to stand.
  • Place utensils, dishes and food and other necessary  items in easy to reach places.  Avoid top and bottom shelves that will require high reaching or stooping and bending.  May need to leave items frequently used out on the counter.
  • Place non-skid strips or mats in the shower or tub.  Get a bath mat for the floor to stand on when you are wet.
  • Install grab bars near the toilet or use a raised toilet seat with arms if commode is too low or if you have difficulty raising up from the seat.
  • Assess need for tub bench or shower chair grab bar and hand held shower head to increase safety in getting in and out of shower/tub.
  • Obtain a walker bag or basket to carry items or use an apron.
  • Slide objects along the countertop rather than carry them.
  • Consider obtaining a utility cart to carry items.  Push the utility cart in front of the walker.  This will reduce the number of trips.
  • Wear rubber soled shoes to prevent slipping.
  • Assess need for installing hand rails on both sides of stairways and outside steps.  Make sure all handrails are secure.
  • Obtain at least 2 refreezable ice packs.  You will receive 2 to take home from the hospital, but extras may be needed for frequent turnover.

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