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Voiding Cystourethragram (VCUG)

Voiding Cystourethragram (VCUG)

Voiding Cystourethragra Offered by St. Mary's Imaging

What is a Voiding Cystourethragram?

A voiding cystourethragram uses contrast and a special form of X-ray, called fluoroscopy, to examine how the bladder and lower urinary tract are working.


Voiding cystourethragrams are usually done on an outpatient basis.  After you have registered for your procedure, you and your child will go to the Pediatric floor.  This is where your child will have the catheter placed.  Your child may be asked to change into a hospital gown.  A nurse will clean the genital area and insert a catheter through the urethra and into the bladder.

After the catheter is inserted, your child will be taken to the Radiology department for the remainder of the procedure.  After you are settled into the procedure room, the radiologist will start the flow of contrast into the bladder while watching on a monitor using fluoroscopy.  Once the bladder is full, the child will be asked to urinate while the doctor watches the bladder empty.  A final picture may be taken once the child has voided completely.  The entire exam usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour.

Patient Preparation

Explain the procedure to your child before coming to the hospital so they know whaqt to expect.  Parents are invited to stay with their child during the exam.  If your child has a comfort item, please bring it to the exam.  Our goal is for your child to feel as comfortable as possible.

After the Test

When the exam is complete, the technologist will give you discharge instructions.  We encourage the patient to drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids for 24 hours.  After having a catheter there may be a small amount of blood in the urine.  This is normal for about 24 hours following the exam.  The results of the exam will be sent to your doctor's office within 24 hours.

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