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St. Mary's Fluoroscopy Exams

Follow the instructions provided by your health care provider. The night before the procedure, eat a light meal such as soup and salad. Do not have anything to eat or drink the morning of the procedure. Ask your provider if you should not take any medicines that you usually take in the morning.

Test Procedure

You will drink a barium liquid. The barium is thick and white.

The x-ray technologist will ask you to stand in front of an x-ray machine and then you will lie on an x-ray table that tilts in various positions. A small amount of air may be induced into your stomach to improve the pictures.

The technologist will take x-rays of the barium liquid going down your throat, into your stomach, and perhaps going on through your small intestine.

After the Test  

The radiologist may tell you what he or she found and send the complete report to your health care provider. You should call your provider in a few days to hear the whole report.

You can go home after the test is completed. You may be constipated from the barium. If so, you may need to take a laxative. Your stools may be light or white colored for the next few days.

Ask your health care provider what other steps you should take and when you should come back for a checkup.

Test Benefits

This procedure will help your health care provider make a more accurate diagnosis.

Test Risks

You could become constipated.

You could inhale the barium into your lungs, which could cause breathing problems or pneumonia.

You should ask your health care provider how these risks apply to you.


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