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St. Mary's Fluoroscopy Exams

A cystogram consists of having contrast injected into the bladder through a catheter inserted into the urethra.

Patient Prep

There is no preparation for this exam.

Test Procedure 

You will be asked to remove metallic objects in the abdomen and pelvic area. You also will be asked to change into a hospital gown. The technologist will then call in a nurse to insert a catheter into the urethra. The radiologist will then inject the contrast and watch the bladder fill under fluoroscopy. The radiologist will obtain spot films. If you are having a cystogram, you will be asked to void in the restroom and the technologist will take a post-void film. If you are having a voiding cystogram the radiologist will watch you void under fluoroscopy, or have the technologist take a film while you void on the table.

After the Test

When the exam is complete the technologist will give you discharge instructions. We encourage you to drink plenty of non-caffeine or caffeine free fluids for 24 hours.

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