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Heart Rhythm Disorders

St. Mary's Electrophysiology Program - Heart Rhythm Disorders

St. Mary's and Ohio Valley HeartCare were the first in the region to start an electrophysiology (EP) program for the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.  

Advanced Technology

The following is advanced technology offered by St. Mary's in support of our EP program.  This technology is unique to the tri-state area:

3-Dimensional Mapping System - Detailed computerized images of the heart are created to help the physician pinpoint the exact location of the irritable focus. It enables visualization of the heart's left atrium and pulmonary veins in real time.

Intracardiac Echo (ICE) - High frequency sound waves (ultrasound) are delivered via a probe inside the heart. ICE provides an important monitoring tool during catheter ablation.

CRYO - Freezing the group of cells which are responsible for the irregular rhythm and, in some instances, safer than burning using radiofrequency.

Navix - A mapping system which allows mapping of areas in the heart which are responsible for conductring the irregular heart rhythm.

Thermocool - An irrigated catheter and pump that allows creation of a deeper and more efficient radiofrequency burn in those areas which the muscle fibers are denser and require a deeper burn.

Pruka/Micropace - Computers which are connected to the pacing catheters in the heart and allow us to pace speficic places in the heart to induce and terminate irregular rhythms.  We also use them to study the heart's normal conduction system.

RF Ablation - We do have more than one option when it comes to radio frequency catheter ablation, or burning cells in the heart which are responsible for the arrhythmia.

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