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Heart Healthy Grocery Store Tour

Heart Healthy Grocery Store Tour

Have you ever walked through the grocery store and wondered what would be healthy and taste good or how you could cut the fat in a high fat dish?  Since 2005, St. Mary's Heart Institute offers a grocery store tour at Schnucks on Washington Avenue.  You'll learn how to read food labels and how to recognize healthier choices.  You'll discover there are a lot of good choices available - and they taste good too!

Information you will obtain from this tour includes:

  • How to read a label
  • How much saturated fat and trans fats is included in a Heart Healthy Diet
  • What is a good fat and what is a bad fat
  • How much sodium/salt can you have in a day
  • What you can eat in place of high fat food

The tour usually takes about an hour and is limited to 3-4 people.  Please call (812) 485-5230 for more information and to reserve a spot.  The cost is $10.00.

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