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Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures

Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures Performed at St. Mary's

St. Mary's cardiovascular surgeons and a dedicated heart surgical team use advanced technology to provide you the best of care.

Common cardiovascular surgery procedures include:

Coronary artery bypass surgery: St. Mary's offers two methods - on pump and off pump. The on pump technique uses heart and lung machines that keep the heart from beating while performing bypass grafts. The off pump technique uses advanced care technology to stabilize the beating heart while the bypass grafts are completed.

Minimally invasive heart surgery: a surgical procedure that uses small incisions to quicken the healing process.

Transmyocardial revascularization: also known as TMR, this procedure uses a laser to treat angina symptoms.

Left ventricular assist device: also known as LVAD, a machine assists the heart while patients await transplants.

Endoscopic vein harvesting: a minimally invasive procedure to obtain veins for grafting.

Thoracoscopy: a procedure that uses minimally invasive techniques for vascularization of the chest cavity.

Valve replacement/repair: a procedure used to replace or repair malfunctioning or diseased valves.


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