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Outpatient Cardiac Rehab - Phase 2

St. Mary's Monitored Cardiac Rehab Phase 2
Focuses On Helping Improve Cardiovascular Status

Phase II of cardiac rehab is designed to help improve your cardiovascular status through exercise training and modifying risk factors for heart disease.  If you have had a recent cardiac event, your cardiologist, surgeon or cardiac rehab nurse will refer you to the outpatient cardiac rehab program. 

The exercise program is individualized so that specific goals and outcomes can be met.  The staff is trained to handle emergencies and medical problems. 

A physician referral is needed to enter the program.

The following cardiac events qualify for Phase II Monitored Cardiac Rehab:

  • Open heart surgery
  • Valve replacement
  • Heart attack
  • Heart transplant
  • Angioplasty/Stent placement
  • Stable angina

During each session, you are monitored while exercising with an EKG transmitter that offers the latest in digital technology.  This transmitter enables the staff to assess heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm.  Patients are periodically updated on their goals and accomplishments through progress reports, which are sent to the referring physician. 

The equipment used in Phase II Cardiac Rehab includes:

  • Treadmill
  • Bicycle
  • Nustep
  • Rower
  • Free weights
  • Arm bike
  • Indoor track for walking

One-hour classes meet three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and include warm-up, exercise and education.  The program length varies depending on the patient's risk factors (four to twelve weeks). 

Education classes are structured and last about 15 minutes.  Educational handouts are always available for you to take home.

The following education topics are addressed during Phase II:

  • Stroke and smoking cessation
  • Medications and angina -  stress, depression and emotions
  • Women and heart disease - food label reading
  • Food pyramid - eating out
  • Risk factors - cholesterol
  • Exercise - BMI/ fat budget
  • Recipes and modifications - diabetes
  • Hypertension and sodium - anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Heart failure

Spouses or significant others are encouraged to attend the cardiac rehab educational classes with their loved one following each exercise session.

Most insurance companies cover most or all of Phase II cardiac rehab.  The staff is always available to assist with questions or concerns regarding coverage by insurance.

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