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Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- R. Buckminster Fuller

In 2002, I was given the wonderful opportunity to lead this fantastic organization. Since that time, we have increased our business generated revenue by over seven-fold. This could not have been done without the cooperation of an active board, industrious preferred vendors, and the many wise decision makers at the director level positions. As the coming weeks progress, I look forward to retirement. I am also excited about the future of Genesis Health Alliance. New leadership will bring new and exciting opportunities.

Genesis is all about networking and cooperatively seeking out new opportunities as a group of Tri-State regional hospitals. I am proud to have had the good fortune of working directly for and with the leaders of the twenty not-for-profit hospitals whose top priorities are to deliver the highest quality and the most cost effective healthcare to their respective communities.

We have worked to provide regional group purchasing contracts for our hospital members as well as their medical staff physicians. Our clinical and professional managers continue to network in order to learn from each other and to share their individual knowledge with their peers. Professional consultants have also frequently been engaged as guest speakers.

We designed and launched a network-wide, award winning, free diabetic screening program with the cooperation of the American Diabetes Association. A second such program was also launched which focused on the screening and education of individuals with lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). Additionally, Genesis launched its Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness of the dangers of childhood obesity and to encourage good eating habits and physical fitness beginning at an early age. These programs have now evolved into our family of director level networking groups and continue to provide knowledge-based support for individual hospital studies.

Finally, as inevitable change brings new beginnings, Genesis is blessed to have at least one necessary constant to bridge the past with the future. That constant is, of course, Shelly. Where would our Networking Groups, our Annual Vendor Fair, and our Annual CEO gathering at Victoria National be without her? And this is just a small part of what she does for us.

For me, the past thirteen years have been exciting, enjoyable, and yes, rewarding. It has been a privilege to work with such a diverse yet focused group of professionals in order to reach our mutual goals.

Thanks again to so many!


J.D. LeClere
Executive Director

Don't hesitate to contact our office if you need further assistance.

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