Associate Benefits

Just as St. Mary's focuses on the well-being of each individual patient, our valuable benefit program focuses on the well-being of each of our associates.

St. Mary's believes to meet the individual needs of each associate our benefit program should be as individual as you. Our benefit program gives associates the opportunity to design a benefit package that suits their needs.

It is also a priority of St. Mary's to address your other essentials, including fair compensation and the ability to balance work and life. You will find at St. Mary's the balance of work and life is understood, and we recognize your need to manage the high-energy of your healthcare career while still finding time for family, friends, special interests and/or hobbies. Part of our effort is to provide flexible work schedules and/or accommodating Paid Time Off (PTO) and holidays. You handle your time off in the way that best benefits your lifestyle.

Use the links below to find outlines of St. Mary's benefit plans.

You may access ALEX, your personal guide to Ascension benefits, by selecting St. Mary’s Health or St. Mary’s Medical Group 2016 Benefit Information below.

If you have any questions, please call the Ministry Service Center at 855.992.4672 between 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

NOTE: If you are trying to view 2016 benefit information through the Ascension Health portal from an *auto login computer, you may experience access issues. To assist with this, St. Mary's Human Resources has made much of the same information available here for you to review. (*An auto login computer has multiple users that share the same computer, such as on a unit.)

St. Mary’s Health 2016 Benefits

St. Mary’s Medical Group 2016 Benefits

Claim Submission Forms

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefit Information

Summary Plan Descriptions


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