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Pediatric Feeding Program

St. Mary's Treats Complex Feeding Disorders

Kim and Ryleigh share their experience with St. Mary's Feeding Disorder Clinic
Kim and Ryleigh talk about
their experience at
St. Mary's
Feeding Disorder Clinic.


A feeding disorder can be one of the most threatening conditions to a child’s healthy development.  Feeding problems become even more complex when the child also has a history of medical, oral-motor sensory and behavioral difficulties. Without appropriate treatment, their problems may lead to delays in learning, growth and activity.

St. Mary's Feeding Program

At St. Mary’s Center for Children in Evansville, Indiana, we diagnose and treat complex feeding disorders with a collaborative approach.

Our unique Pediatric Feeding Program offers a continuum of care to meet the needs of patients and families. A collaborative approach by a team of specialists will determine the most appropriate treatment plan which may include regular team follow up, outpatient therapy or intensive day therapy .  These specialists include:

  • Family advocate
  • Pediatric gastroenterologists
  • Psychologists
  • Registered dietitian
  • Registered nurses
  • Resource center coordinator
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy asistants

The model is collaborative with all teammembers working together, rather than the child being seen separately by consulting disciplines to ensure the most consistent, high-quality care for:

  • Medical
  • Developmental
  • Behavioral
  • Oral-motor
  • Sensory 
  • Nutrition

It provides a unique model (TR-eat®) that demonstrates effective outcomes. The approach used by St. Mary's Center for Children helps our patients learn more efficient and useful skills that have a direct impact on their eating abilities. The Transdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment model (TR-eat®) involves professionals and family working together.

Unique Approach to Treating Feeding Problems

St. Mary's Feeding Program uses a unique model (TR-eat®) that helps patients learn more efficient and useful skills that directly impact their eating abilities.This approach focuses on family-centered care, through support, education and training, as well as close collaboration with professionals.  Overall, the program has proven to be very effective in treating complex feeding disorders, giving our young patients a chance at better nutrition and growth.

Our completge range of feeding disorder services includes:

  • Team based Assessment and Consultation Clinic
  • Telemedicine appointments are available
  • Outpatient Feeding Therapy services 1 – 2 times a week
  • Intensive Day Treatment Program with four therapeutic meals per day
  • Inpatient consultation for medically fragile children
  • Ronald McDonald House adjacent to St. Mary’s campus (should overnight accommodations be necessary)
  • Who should be referred to the Feeding Disorders Program?

    Candidates include babies and children with:

    • Behavior problems during meals like spitting out food, tantrums and inability to sit for meals
    • Delay in meeting oral development milestones
    • Difficulty increasing food textures
    • Extreme pickiness that lasts for longer than a few weeks
    • Failure to thrive – the inability of a child to consume sufficient nutrition
    • Feeding tube dependence
    • Food aversion – refusal of food and/or drink
    • History of difficulty feeding
    • Poor weight gain
    • Problems with gagging and/or vomiting

    Get complete referral information for St. Mary's Feeding Disorders Program.

    Learn More About St. Mary's Feeding Disorders Program

    For more information about our comprehensive services, please call the St.  Mary's Center for Children at (812) 485-7425.

    St. Mary's Pediatric Feeding Clinic diagnoses and treats complex feeding disorders.

    Learn more about our
    Pediatric Feeding
    Disorders Program



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