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Billing Information

Billing Information

Billing Information

Does my insurance plan cover treatment by St. Mary's Emergency Department?

You are responsible for your own bill.  The nature of your injury or illness can affect how much, and in some cases whether or not, your insurance coverage pays for your emergency department visit or treatment.

If needed, financial counselors are available to assist you with making payment arrangements or completing financial aid applications.

You will not be refused care; however, you are responsible for payment of services. St. Mary's will bill your insurance for you and will expect payment from you should your insurance carrier deny or reduce your benefits.

Please review your certificate of coverage to see if your condition is one that could be considered minor or convenient care.  If so, treatment can be administered at one of St. Mary's Convenient Care Centers.

In addition to the hospital charge, there will be an emergency physician's fee charge on a separate bill. This fee is for the examination, diagnosis and physician treatment provided during the emergency visit.

If X-rays are ordered during the visit, you may also receive a separate bill from Southern Indiana Radiological Specialists for service from the radiologist for the final interpretation of your X-rays.

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