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Flexible Fiberoptic Sigmoidoscopy & EUS

Flexible Fiberoptic Sigmoidoscopy & EUS

St. Mary's Endoscopy Suite Treatment & Procedures
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

What is a flexible sigmoidoscopy?

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is an examination in which the lining of the rectum and the lower colon can be examined by direct vision through a flexible fiberoptic scope. For EUS of the rectum or colon the ultrasound attachment will produce sound waves to create a visual image.


The flexible sigmoidoscopy is performed in the Diagnostic Treatment Center. You may come alone, unless otherwise instructed, as sedation is seldom used.

  • You may also be scheduled for a Lower G.I. Series following this examination. Therefore, you may follow the instructions from Radiology for the Lower G.I. Series, which will be sufficient for this exam also.
  • If you are scheduled for a Lower G.I. Series in Radiology, please bring a robe with you. A hospital gown and a shopping bag (for your clothing) will be provided. 
  • You are not scheduled for X-rays or other studies; therefore, liquids may be taken up to two hours before the procedure time.

Bowel Preparation

Your physician will give you instruction on your bowel preparation.

What does this exam involve? (Time: approximately 15-45 minutes)

A nurse will be present with your doctor during the procedure. The examination is performed with a flexible, 60 cm. fiberoptic instrument resembling a small tube through which light is transmitted. After examining your rectum, the doctor will insert the lubricated instrument. This will allow him to examine the lower portion of the colon and the rectum, which is the area of greater incidence of polyps or tumors of the colon.

A biopsy (a tiny bit of tissue) is painless and may be taken for microscopic examination. The lights in the room will be turned down during the procedure, and you will be lying on the examination table on your left side. You may have some abdominal pressure or discomfort (gas) since air is instilled through the tube to expand the bowel for examination of the entire lining. If you do experience gas pain, tell the doctor.

Following the Procedure

You will most likely feel "bloated" after the examination. This "gas" is a result of air instilled during the procedure. If you are scheduled for a Lower G.I. Series, it is important that you expel this air before the procedure begins. Unless additional studies are scheduled, you may now return to your normal activity and diet.

Written discharge instructions, including restrictions and signs of possible complications, which will be reviewed with you. A copy of these instructions will be sent home with you when you are released.

Registration and Parking

Please feel free to park in any of the visitor parking lots. Enter through the hospital main entrance and report to the front lobby registration desk. You and your family will then be directed to the Endoscopy Suite. If you have any questions, please call (812) 485-4911.

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