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St. Mary's Day Endoscopy Suite Treatment and
Procedure Information for Colonoscopy

Your doctor has scheduled a colonoscopy examination for you. This examination allows your physician to carefully examine the lining of your colon for evaluation of symptoms, clarification of any abnormalities seen in the barium enema x-ray, removal of polyps or a follow-up examination of a previously diagnosed problem.  Watch a video about your colonoscopy procedure created by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (please allow a minute for the video to load).


The week before your colonoscopy, we recommend that you not eat foods that contain seeds such as strawberries, tomatoes, popcorn and breads with sesame seeds. Most physicians recommend no aspirin for five to 10 days before this procedure.  If you take aspirin or aspirin-containing drugs regularly, please discuss this with your physician.

You will receive instructions from your doctor prior to your procedure.

What does this exam involve? (Time: approximately 30 - 60 minutes)

A colonoscope (a long flexible tube about the diameter of a finger) is inserted into the rectum and slowly advanced into the large intestine (colon). If a polyp (an abnormal growth) is evident, it will be removed during the colonoscopy procedure. Often a biopsy (a tiny bit of tissue) is taken for microscopic examination. If a polypectomy (removal of a polyp) or a biopsy is done, you will feel no pain. Specimens from the procedure will be sent to the pathology laboratory for microscopic examination. Your doctor will report the findings to you when they are available. You will receive IV medications as needed to help you relax and become sleepy. You may experience mild discomfort for short periods.

Following the Procedure

The medications that you received may make you feel drowsy. You will be observed in our post-op area for 30 minutes to an hour. You may experience a bloated feeling resulting from air that is instilled during the procedure. You will be encouraged to pass this air (during the post-op time). Written discharge instructions, including restrictions and signs of possible complications, which will be reviewed with you. A copy of these instructions will be sent home with you when you are released. You will need someone to take you home due to the medications that you will receive.

Registration and Parking

Please feel free to park in any of the visitor parking lots. Enter through the hospital main entrance and report to the front lobby registration desk. You and your family will then be directed to the Endoscopy Suite. If you have any questions, please call (812) 485-4911.

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