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Diabetes Classes

Diabetes Classes

Diabetes Classes

St. Mary's offers a variety of group and individual classes that cover all the key content areas you need to learn about and manage diabetes.  Each patient is seen individually at the first appointment. After an assessment of your needs in conjunction with your preference, you may continue with individual appointments or enter group classes.

Please contact the St. Mary's Joslin Diabetes Center Education Affiliate at (812) 485-1814 to find out more about classes offered.

Steps to Successful Management

A comprehensive curriculum totaling four group classes instructing you on diabetes self management techniques.

  • Step 1 - Blood glucose monitoring techniques (AC & PC goals), Hemoglobin A1c, macronutrients effects on glucose level, and a review of basic meal planning
  • Step 2 - Review of medications (oral and insulin), hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, sick day management, exercise, sweeteners, alcohol, dining out and label reading
  • Step 3 - Review long term complications, prevention of complications, lab review and heart healthy diet
  • 3 Month Follow up - After completion of our comprehensive program, you return for problem solving, clarification of any questions, foot exam, and to establish new goals for self management.

Annual Update

This session is scheduled after completion of a comprehensive course. The meal plan is reviewed, your questions are answered, and you are informed of any changes in current guidelines.

Insulin Administration Instruction

This is for a patient new to insulin or for someone who is having difficulty with insulin administration. You are instructed on insulin action, administration, precautions, and side effects (hypoglycemia).

Is Pumping For You?

This is an introductory course to insulin pump therapy. A prepump assessment is conducted. All brands of insulin pumps are shown to you and you are given additional information to determine which pump is right for you.

Insulin Pump Education

This course is designed for someone new to insulin pump therapy or for someone who has an insulin pump and needs further education or updated information. Each patient is seen individually throughout pump education. You will be instructed on the pump's functions to safely manage blood glucose levels.

Gestational or Pregnancy with Diabetes

Each patient is seen individually to discuss the pathophysiology of diabetes during pregnancy, blood glucose monitoring, desired blood glucose ranges, ketone testing, and insulin instruction as needed.

Advanced Management

You will learn how to incorporate carbohydrate ratios and correction factors (insulin adjustment principles) to allow for a more flexible lifestyle when using multiple daily injections or using an insulin pump. This teaches you how to effectively self manage your diabetes.

Carbohydrate Counting with Class

You will learn which foods contain carbohydrate, how they affect blood glucose and how to determine carbohydrate ratios for better glucose control.

Heart Healthy Class

You will learn the importance of good nutrition on blood glucose and lipid levels, goals for lipids and how to change eating habits to improve lipid levels.

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