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About the St. Mary's Concussion Alliance

About the St. Mary's Concussion Alliance

About the St. Mary's Concussion Alliance

Through the first partnership of its kind in the Tri-State area, St. Mary’s has joined Tri-State Orthopaedics and ProRehab to form St. Mary’s Concussion Alliance. The Concussion Alliance, using the Tri-State's most experienced Sports Medicine providers, was established to educate administrators, coaches, parents and student-athletes on the importance of identifying the signs of concussion, seeking immediate proper medical treatment, and using standard guidelines to return the athlete to play. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), concussions are among the most commonly reported injuries for the country’s 38 million boys and girls who participate in organized youth sports. Though most commonly associated with contact sports, such as football and ice hockey, concussions can occur in all youth sports. Since the brains of adolescents have not yet fully developed, they run a higher risk of Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). SIS is known to cause severe brain damage and sometimes death. 

 “The days of holding up two fingers and asking, ‘How many do you see?’ needs to end,” says Concussion Alliance member Dr. Andrew Saltzman. “We now know concussions can cause more severe long-term damage in young people than in adults, so we need to ensure our coaches, parents and student-athletes understand how to identify the signs of concussion and are willing to take appropriate steps before returning to play.”

The St. Mary’s Concussion Alliance brings together a network of athletic trainers, orthopaedic surgeons, pediatricians and internal medicine specialists, all with sports medicine backgrounds. A combination approach of ImPACT baseline and follow up testing, along with a standardized post-injury activity progression, allow the team to determine when the athlete is safe to return to play.

For more information on the St. Mary’s Concussion Alliance, call 812/403-DING (3464).

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