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St. Mary's Corporate Logo

St. Mary's Corporate Logo

St. Mary's Corporate Logo

St. Mary’s logo (as seen at the top of this website page) was changed when the name was changed from St. Mary’s Hospital to St. Mary’s Medical Center in 1978.  The logo was round and contained the same figure that is in the current oval logo today.  This round logo was again changed to our current oval shape with the figure inside in 2002. 

The original logo change was made in 1978, under the direction of Sr. Theresa Peck, D.C., Administrator for St. Mary’s at that time.  She provided the following rationale behind this new and unique symbol:

“The symbol chosen for St. Mary’s Medical Center is one of contemporary design to reflect the system’s modern facilities and progressive posture in the world of medicine and patient care.  The design further emphasizes the System’s Christian philosophy.  The circular symbol, now the oval previously mentioned, is divided into three segments depicting St. Mary’s concern for the whole person:  body, mind and spirit.  These three segments can be seen linked and interfacing with the central figure representing both Christ and humankind reaching out to others with care and concern.  The circle, now the oval, is not complete because St. Mary’s Health System continues to grow and to reach out to the tri-state community.  The symbol appropriately represents St. Mary’s Mission to provide healing and comfort for all and to do so with an understanding to humankind’s body, mind, and spiritual needs.”1

Our current logo with the oval shape is specific to St. Mary’s of Evansville.

1 Special thanks to Sister Theresa Peck and her willingness to share with us from the Daughters of Charity archives.

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