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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

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I Felt Pampered

I arrived at St. Mary's for the most joyous occasion -- I was in labor with my first baby boy!!!

My husband and I were nervous, but as soon as I arrived I was immediately taken care of. The nursing staff was excellent from the beginning. My first labor & delivery nurse Jill was such a great help. She even helped me through the epidural. I was so nervous and scared, but she helped us by being very supportive to both me and my husband. The anaesthesiologist was great too. He explained everything he was doing, and that calmed me down a bit.

Once I had the epidural, it was great! :) I thought I'd be resting for about an hour or so then it would be baby time. Well, that's not exactly what happened. It was almost time for our baby boy to arrive when there was a complication. The doctor went to turn him from face up to face down position and she lost the heart beat. I was so scared at that point. This wasn't how my delivery was supposed to go, right? They were able to put a scalp monitor on his head, and find the heartbeat, but it was low and never recovered so I was immediately moved to the OR for an emergency C-Section. I've never been so scared in my life, scared for my baby and scared of having this surgery!

Dr. Alvey and the nurses were great and even though it was a scary experience they were very compassionate and professional. Before I knew it I heard my baby boy take his first breath and cry!!! It was the most amazing sound I've ever heard! Words can't express the joy that overtakes you in that moment! And even better, he was healthy!

Once I got to my post-partum room, the nursing staff there was amazing too! I was never left wanting or needing anything. I felt a little pampered actually. My husband and I had the queen size bed, I never went without something to drink, or medicine as needed. They also delivered fresh-baked cookies to us every day! It was like we had our own suite with room service! (minus the whole surgery/just had a baby part!)

The day we were supposed to take our baby boy home, there was another complication. He was having problems feeding and would turn blue around his mouth while eating. We were told instead of getting to take our baby boy home, he'd have to be admitted to the NICU. We were devastated. Dr. Vincent came to our room, and explained to us why our baby was being admitted, and what tests they were going to run. I didn't know what to expect seeing our little man in there with the wires and the tubes, but on our first visit to the NICU, we were immediately greeted by the nurses who explained everything to us, what the tubes and wires were for, and what the doctor had done. That helped relieve some of our tension. Then Dr. Vincent arrived and sat down with us and went over what they had already done, and what they would be doing.

Thank God we only had to spend 4 days in the NICU before we got to take our litte guy home, but in those 4 days he was there, the nurses and doctors were all more than willing to answer any questions we had, and give us updates no matter the time of day. It was hard to go home without him, but I was never worried about his level of care. That's saying a lot when you have a newborn.

Overall I was more satisfied with my experience at St. Mary's than I thought I would be. I was surprised at how thorough they were. I didn't have one complaint the entire time I was there. I would always trust St. Mary's with my son's care, but hopefully we won't need it again. I will definitely recommend St. Mary's!

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