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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

I Usually Do Not Write Comments But...

This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of having a St. Mary's experience. I usually do not write comments but I cannot tell you how proud I was to work for this organization this weekend.

My 9 year old daughter had been treated for strep and a sinus infection but she still ran a high fever after being put on an antibiotic. So on Saturday morning we made an appointment at the Pediatric After Hours Clinic. The doctor on call said he thought she also had Mono and would like to have some bloodwork done. My daughter was so scared about getting her blood drawn.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how much it showed that this organization has looked at every aspect and has turned it into an experience. The waiting room at the clinic had an aquarium and she counted the fish, the Center for Advanced Medicine TV was on the Disney Channel and it took her mind off of waiting. The lab tech complimented her on how brave she was and explained exactly the procedure she was going to be doing. Then she received an adorable stuffed dog. She has treated the dog as a trophy for being brave and spent the car ride home deciding on a name. "Theodore" has slept with her at all times since she has gotten him. I know it was not a major procedure but thank you for taking care of my little girl.

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