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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

Our St. Mary's Experience
Reaffirmed Our Faith In the Goodness of People

My husband and I want to thank your remarkable staff for the kindness, competence,compassion and care that he received during his recent hospital stay. We began our experience in the Emergency room where we were treated with respect, patience and understanding.

When we arrived to the room everyone was so helpful and so patient with us. What could have been a terrifying experience was one of reassurance, explanation and care. I want to attempt to share with you those that went above and beyond "the call of duty". A man named Steve (Speech therapist) sat with us and explained in detail and with words that we could understand, he gave us hand outs and his expertise to help us navigate this new world. Mary Beth (OT) was so helpful and so kind, Cathy ( PT) was only needed for a short assessment but she, too, was helpful and kind to us. Carol Bryant took time to help us. Mary Ann was also very kind. The two young men and young woman that took my husband for imaging were kind to us and so willing to help.

Words cannot express the competence, compassion and care that the nurses Sarah, Diana and Bonnie gave to my husband. He was treated with such respect and they were so kind to me in sharing their expertise. They share in the responsibilty for my husband's continued remarkable recovery and words cannot adequately reflect our appreciation and gratitude. Diana and Sarah are two remarkable nurses that truly exemplify what good nurses are. They clearly love their job and provide incredible care. The techs were so kind, especially the woman that helped take care of my husband on Saturday. Please remember this was Easter week end and we still received such remarkable care.

Dr. Cobb, Dr. Heeralall and Dr. Falheed were so helpful to us and so willing to take their time to help us understand. We deeply appreciate their ability to explain in words that we can understand what to expect and how best to navigate the recovery process.

The food service people were so friendly, so helpful and so kind with my "newness" to the menu and ordering procedures. The system worked so well and they delivered my husband's food with a smile and kind thought. The women in housekeeping were so nice and so respectful.

I called to express our thank you and Kathy Stewart who took my call was so friendly and even sent us a thoughtful note.

We are living in challenging times. Competence, concern and compassion are often in short supply. Our experience at St. Mary's Medical Center reaffirmed our faith in the inherent goodness of people and certainly exemplified the medical community at its best. Please communicate our gratitude and please know that you truly are the CEO of an amazing place that indeed does heal mind, body and spirit. Thank you so very much and please communicate our "thank you's" to your amazing, amazing team.

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