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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

A Son's Appreciation

I recently had my mother brought in to your emergency. Her care in the Emergency Room prior to being admitted was excellent. Dr. Vaughan (ER physician) was very helpful and understanding.

After her admission, the staff on the 6000 wing was absolutely tremendous. They treated her like royalty. I would like to recognize some of the individuals: Shannon, Patti, Katie, student nurse Jim, and social worker also named Jim. The housekeeping staff was most pleasant, as were the ladies who transported her from place to place. The physicians who treated her after her admission were wonderful, too.

The entire unit was wonderful, but most of all, if one person deserves a "most favorable" mention, it has to be a tech named Michelle. She created a warm friendly atmosphere with just her presence.

Thanks to the whole crew! I apologize for the names I've failed to remember and mention. You were all great!

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