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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

Be Proud!

I presented myself as a patient in your ER facility recently. I was processed quickly by a most amiable and efficient staff. After being assigned an examination room, an ER nurse was with me shortly to perform the preliminary work up. I was made to feel at ease at all times.

After about a 40 minute wait, the doctor came to examine my presented condition. She is a jewel. She talked to me in my language. Not medspeak, simple English. She took time to listen to me. She took my history, examined me and quickly outlined what she wanted to do for me in a way that was clear and understood.

I was greatly impressed with the phlebotomist and the ultrasound techs. They were the best. Give my best to all involved -- I forgot the reception lady and the check in nurse -- thank them too. If anyone can say a visit to the ER was pleasant, I can. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE! Be Proud.

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