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June 2010 Healthy Living


Exercise Tips to Keep Boomers on Their Feet

>Walking, Biking to Work Pays Off

Fitness Might Limit Stroke's Impact

Get the Most Out of Your Run

Intense Daily Workout May Keep Cancer at Bay


Meatless Burgers, Hot Dogs Not Always Full of Veggies

'Organic' May Not Mean Healthier

Dietary Oils May Help Some Fight Fat

High-Salt Diet Dampens Effects of Blood Pressure Drugs

More Dairy, Calcium in Childhood Could Mean Longer Life

Mind & Body

Healthy Diet, Exercise Keeps Mind Sharp As You Age

Marriage Ends, Health Declines

Your Surroundings Mirror Your Beliefs

TV Ads Trigger Mindless Eating

A Curse or Two Might Quell the Pain

Family & Home

Living Healthily on Less

Kids of Parents Who Value Exercise Are More Active

Even 9-Year-Olds Can Learn CPR

Indoor Lightning Injuries On the Rise

Cars Are No Place for Kids to Be Alone


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