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June 2010 Healthy Living


Women's Exercise Priorities Vary With Life Stages

>More Evidence Healthy Living Brings Long Life

Teen Athletes Sleep Better Than Couch Potatoes

Strong Thighs May Mean Less Knee Pain for Women

Young Athletes at Risk of Heat Injury


Americans Are Urged to Cut Sugar Intake

Fish Oils May Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

Restrictive Diet for Kids May Backfire

Antioxidants Abound in Cereals, Popcorn, Whole-Grain Snacks

Beetroot Juice May Boost Stamina

Mind & Body

How Bad Feelings Can Harm Your Health

Optimism Good for Heart and Longevity

Stressed Out College Students Losing Sleep

Young Vets With PTSD More Prone to Heart Risk Factors

Worries May Worsen Peripheral Arterial Disease

Family & Home

Many Parents, Caregivers Lack Basic Child-Safety Information

Young Moms Follow Their Mother's Parenting Style

Backyard Raccoon 'Latrines' Harbor Hidden Dangers

Medicines Top Source of Kids' Poisonings

When Kids Are Hospitalized, Parents Fret About Errors


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