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My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

My St. Mary's Experience

I had a cardioversion and all of the nurses were wonderful. They treated me with dignity and respect, answered all of my questions, and put me at ease. I really appreciate the excellent care everyone of them gave me.

In June 2014 I started having some pain in my left heel. It felt as though I had a hot coal under my heel. I discovered I had a small wound about the size of a pencil eraser. At first I didn’t worry too much about it. I had inserts made for my shoes and called my doctor. That’s when I learned just how serious my wound could be.

I am very pleased with the care I recently received at St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Institute. When I was told I needed rehabilitation care, I knew St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Institute was my first choice because of the quality and intensity of care they have provided to me in the past. I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I knew the right rehab care was very important for my recovery and understood it would directly affect my ability to return to my normal routine. I strongly believed in the high quality of care they would provide to me and was willing to pay for my care if insurance would not cover the cost.

The staff on fourth floor north went over and above to make my husband comfortable during his stay. Thanks for all the kindness shown.


I found out I was hypoglycemic when I took my blood sugar one day and realized something wasn’t right. I called Dr. Vishal Bhatia’s office following this incident to make an appointment. I chose St. Mary’s because I’ve always had a good experience, and as an employee I see firsthand the great care they provide.

In August of 2014, I was informed that due to my reoccurring issues with Atrial Fibrillation (afib), I needed to make a decision of either having a pacemaker implanted or have a procedure called Cardiac Ablation.

I had fraternal twins who were born at 37 weeks. My goal was always to breastfeed and my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able too. My twins are now 8 months old and are still breastfed.

My brother was a patient in ICU. Being a nurse, I knew what to expect and tried to prepare my family. Dr. Chacko did a wonderful job preparing my family for this procedure, giving them every possible scenario and outcome. He treated my family with respect.

We visited the ER. I was amazed at how quickly my wife was taken inside and attended to. This was by far the best experience either of us have ever had with an ER. The staff was polite and courteous. The service was much better than expected and way above average.

I was seen at St. Marys Warrick Er. I came in with difficulty breathing and asthma. I was very impressed with Linda who was going off shift in 30 minutes. She made sure I was seen quickly and did everything she could.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the staff on 4 West that cared for my father during his recent hospital stay. I know I will leave someone out, and I apologize in advance, but these are the names I wrote down: Dr.’s Jim (Mas), Ahmad, Islam and Ahmed; RN’s Sarah, Coral, Latif, Andrew and Diana; and Tech’s Sue, Shawn, Nick, Patience and Annette.

My husband recently had surgery at St. Mary's Hospital. The nursing staff, aids, and therapists on Fourth Floor North are awesome. They treated my husband (who I admit is not the perfect patient) with kindness, understanding, dignity, and were all so friendly during his stay. Such an outstanding staff, day shift and night shift and afternoon shift, they rock. Each one interacting with my husband are the best. Please make sure they know how much they are appreciated.

I found out that I lost my first baby due to no heartbeat and had a d&c procedure done. Dr. Crutcher and her staff were amazing but the true praise goes to your same day surgery staff. The lady who took care of me at check in held my hand and apologized to me for my loss and all of the nurses took their time with me and let me mourn my loss. Dr. Kline, my anesthesiologist, was so funny and made me feel so much better and gave me so much comfort during the moments I was awake before surgery. I had two nurses with me and they held my hand and stroked my arms as I went to sleep and I had a nurse holding my hand when I woke up.

I had what they called Cardiac Ablation Surgery. It was a very long process; I was awake for the entire thing.

My story is about the St. Mary's Surgicare on Professional Blvd. My husband had what turned out to be a major hernia repair in November 2014, before Thanksgiving. The surgery went great. However, it was the recovery time that was a struggle. I am so grateful that the nurses that brought him out of recovery were as attentive as they were.

Several years ago, I had been experiencing some pain when I tried to raise my arm. My physician said I had an injury to my shoulder and recommended surgery. I wanted to be free of the pain so I agreed to have the procedure performed.

St. Mary’s rocks with its “check in now” procedure!!! I woke up on a Saturday morning at 5:00 AM and could hardly hold my head up. I got on my phone and pulled up St Mary’s Urgent Care. I picked an appointment time, answered a few questions and had an appointment time and confirmation number within minutes. When I arrived at my scheduled time, with registration and being called back to see the nurse practitioner, my total time was 30 minutes. i recommend this to all my friends!

My daughter was a patient in St. Mary's for four days where she received excellent care. The fourth floor nurses were kind, considerate, and, most of all, professional and knowledgeable, and this certainly applies to the CNAs, as well as the student nurses and PTs. What might have been a horrible experience for her resulted in an almost pleasant one. Even on the last day, the charge nurse, as well as a PT from another building, helped both of us to the car in the rain.

I had a thyroid biopsy done at the main campus in radiology. All of the staff were exceptional. The nurse that got me ready and was there after the procedure was outstanding. Very lovely person.

Please pass along my gratitude to Dr. Alex Della Llana for his professionalism and compassion in my daughter's recent weekend visit at Urgent Care. As a new (two-day) freshman on campus, she was overwhelmed with the need for medical attention, but thanks to his detailed explanation and caring, she coped with the situation and was able to proceed with her studies. He was also gracious enough to call us at home on the weekend and advise us of her situation.

I was in the ER yesterday for a migraine that I have had for over a week. It seemed to have gone away, but it never fully went away. I had woken up yesterday with it very strong but unusually so. I wanted to find out what was going on rather than getting my symptoms just treated and be on my merry way.

I recently gave birth. The staff at St. Mary's, from the doctors, to the nurses, the techs, and other employees made my experience an excellent one. The nurses in labor & delivery who took care of me during labor and were also in the OR with me during my C-section were all amazing.

My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to the staff at St. Mary's for the excellent care they gave to our 18 month old daughter. We rushed our little girl to the ER in early Sept. after she suddenly ran a high fever. The ER staff worked very quickly to assess her condition and we discovered she was actually having a febrile seizure.

As a patient in 6E, I have never experienced the outpouring of care, compassion and concern that I had here. Not just nurses, who were great, but all staff I interacted with. Two nurses in particular deserve extra mention; Janna and Anne were all the above and also quite professional in providing care. They explained what they were doing, why and specifically what each medicine I was given was for. I will always feel greatful for the care I received.

My dad recently stayed on the 5th floor, cardiac unit. He is in his 90s and needed quite a bit of assistance. The nurses there were always kind, patient and attentive. They answered all our questions and cared for him as they would their own fathers I believe. You have some real jewels there - thanks to the wonderful nursing staff!

I was a patient recently at St Mary's Warrick Hospital. I was admitted from ER to Second Floor Med\Surg and had surgery while there. My stay was exemplary from beginning to end. The staff in ER were fast and efficient, I was in terrible pain and they did all they could to make me comfortable.The staff on the Med\Surg unit were fabulous. I was made to feel safe and my pain was kept under control during my entire stay. I was cared for with dignity and respect, my needs were anticipated and met before I could even get the request out of my mouth.

During our first visit to St. Mary's Convenient Care for our daughter, our anxieties were quickly calmed by the kindness and compassion of the staff. The nurse asked if she would like a surprise and I expected something small such as a sticker. Well, she was thrilled to see her surprise was a big "Kohl's Cares" puppy. It made our first visit much easier. I noticed on the back of the tag it said St. Mary's Foundation so I want to say, "Thank you!"

I had surgery on my thyroid and wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the service I received both medically and personally. I couldn't have received any better. personnel were very courteous and friendly through out my short stay. I would highly recommend st. mary's to anyone. thank you very much, god bless all.

We would like to formally, sincerely and publicly thank St. Mary’s Hospital, Dr. Slovacheck and Dr. Granger for their “above and beyond the call of duty” actions that resulted in saving the life of our daughter and grandchild. Our daughter was more than 30 weeks pregnant when she began experiencing abdominal pain but no other symptoms. Tests confirmed she was NOT in labor. Dr. Slovacheck and Dr. Granger made the lifesaving decision to rush her into surgery for an emergency C-section. Our grandchild’s heart had stopped beating, but Dr. Granger was able to perform CPR. Had they waited any longer, the situation would have ended much differently. Thank you for having an emergency OB GYN and a neonatal specialist with the exceptional qualities and skills of Drs. Slovacheck and Granger on call 24/7. The services offered by St. Mary’s speak highly of their commitment to their belief in...

My story started several months ago when I was looking for a doctor. I was blessed to have found a great one right on your campus. After my first physical in more than 40 yrs., it was determined that I had a few issues with my health. In the course of these months, I have been to quite a few departments and doctors on your campus and I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the kindness and professionalism all of your employees exhibit. I'm always greeted with a smile and a friendly greeting and made to feel at ease from every one of your employees, from your cleaning staff all the way up to the busiest of doctors. I am thankful to be cared for by what I believe is the best hospital and medical professionals in town. Thank you all for your excellence!!

I arrived with contractions for my second pregnancy. When the nurses checked me I was already 7cm dilated. The nurses Christy, Tara & Heather were wonderful during the whole process. They helped me stay calm and made sure I was doing everything I needed to ensure a healthy baby was born. After our daughter was born they continued to check on us to ensure we were having no issues. They were very sweet and caring towards us and our daughter.


I was admitted to St. Mary's thru the ER and was promptly treated. Treatments completed and assigned in a very short timeframe under the direction of Dr. Marchino and I was admitted. It was my first stay in the hospital - at 61 years of age I was very nervous. That's when I was introduced to all of the nursing staff and Dr Warraich. They treated me as if I were the only one on that floor, from the day shift to the night shift, someone seemed to check on me what seemed like every hour, following up on anything I needed. All my treatments were done in what I feel was a very professional manner and above the call of duty - making my stay as pleasant as could be. I sincerely hope you will pass my comments on to these very very dedicated professionals who cared...


I was admitted through St. Mary’s Hospital emergency room and was a patient for 2 days. During that time I was cared for by some very kind and helpful individuals. Every person I encountered, from the first person in the emergency room, to the person who wheeled me out the front door, was very cheerful, kind and caring. They each did there best to make my stay as pleasant as possible. Most of them introduced themselves before they started to move me, test me, or help me in any way. Even the person who cleaned my room asked me if she could do anything else for me before she left the room.


I just want to compliment the staff that took care of me in my visit to the ER. This is my personal first experience in the ER for myself, and my first time having to get stiches. This was due to a nasty dog bite I recevied on my right arm. Dr. Lanzarotti was wonderful, and did an outstanding job. I appreciate his manner, care and follow up. My nurse, I don't remember his name, was also a great guy and very informative. Thank you St Marys and I will certainly recommend you in the future.


I wanted to say a very heartfelt "thank you" from myself and my family to St. Mary's and their staff. My brother was recently brought into the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack. I was 2 hours away when I received the call from the St. Mary's chaplain informing me he had been brought into the emergency room.


We would like to commend the pediatric staff for nursing our daughter back to health. It was a very long, tiring 4 days, but the compassion and care we received made the stay a lot better.


I was recently discharged after four days in 5 South. I considered the service received to be outstanding from the front desk, the Admissions Unit and the entire staff on all shifts in 5 South. They were highly professional, skilled and, very importantly, caring people.


My husband was just released from St. Mary's in Evansville, IN. He was on the 2nd floor and 2 weeks earlier he was on the 4th floor, had a complete hip replacement.


I was unexpectantly required to be admitted recently. It has been years since I have been an inpatient at St. Mary's but I cannot believe the improvements in your hospital. From the time I walked through the front doors everyone I had contact with greeted me with a smile and were very helpful and attentive to my needs. I was so very impressed with everyone who took care of me and the room was immaculate all the time.


I went into the ER and was instantly greeted with a smile and laughter! The girls were so kind and had a great sense of humor.


I want to thank all those who cared for me during my recent stay at St.Mary's. After being moved from a well staffed Emergency Room, I was taken to the 5th floor. During my stay I received outstanding care from Lynn, Rachell, Kara, Angel, Jackie, Dr. Duffey, the late night doctor and many others.


My Mother was a patient at St. Mary's Medical Center in ICU for 3 days. The unit was extremely busy but I was never treated like I was a bother when I had questions. Mom was seriously ill and very, very confused. It was upsetting to see such a bright woman reduced to such a state.


I myself am an employee of SMMC and up until recently had never been the patient. It was a scary and emotional time for me. I cannot begin to say enough about the care I got from the staff on 5 South! They are a group of amazing nurses and techs! I was cared for like a person not a "patient". They truly did care for my body, my mind, and my spirit.


My husband was admitted through the ER and he was in the hospital for 24 days. He was in ICU for 10 days. The staff was wonderful. Jon and Pam are great nurses and went over and beyond for my husband care. They keep me informed with his care at all times and gave me suggestions for his recovery. He coded in ICU and I was beside myself. The staff was wonderful. I can say that over and over again.


I was thinking that I would just get checked out for my symptoms and sent home. No, that didn't happen. I had to have a stent put in for a blockage in my heart.


I had knee replacement surgery in January, and the care I received at St. Mary's was exemplary in every way. All staff cared for me like I was member of their family. They couldn't have been more caring or compassionate. St. Mary's Hospital provided the highest level of customer service.


In December, 2011 my wife and I were involved in a roll over automobile accident. My wife received no major injuries and did not need to seek treatment. I received injuries and was taken to the Trauma Center of St. Mary's and was eventually admitted to the hopital with head and neck injuries. I was there for nearly 4 days.


I received excellent care on 5 South during my hospital stay in December 2011. While being a nurse on another unit at SMMC, I knew what to expect from the staff on the 5th floor. I was amazed and appreciative of the care I received. I never had to ask for anything and they provided me with everything I needed, including the educational information for my stay, discharge and ongoing care at home! You can tell that the staff cares about their patients as well as collaborates with all care givers to give our patients the most outstanding care possible. I can truly say I had "The Patient Experience" as well as "The Magnet Experience" first hand! And I know from this stay why I am truly blessed as a St Mary's Nurse too! Thank you all!


My experiences on the Swing Bed Unit at St. Mary’s Warrick Hospital were all very positive! I have never met a more dedicated group of people. If you have to be sick, it’s a great place to go. Everyone treated me with respect. I can only say positive things. I told them that I am claustrophobic and they took such special care of me. They are very caring people. And, Dr. Ali is wonderful, too. He’s been my doctor for a long time. I had many positive experiences at St. Mary’s Warrick Hospital. The people really care. I will never go any place else.


I was on holiday recently, only to be brought back to St. Mary's Hospital because of a health complication.


I had an angioplasty procedure with Dr. Mohammand of OVHC. I have had P.A.D. for a while. During my visit to SMMC this time, I experienced my Everyday Victory. My incision was in my upper left arm. Of course I knew not to move it due to possible bleedout (hematoma). I accidently moved wrong and told the nurse my arm really was hurting. She immediately put pressure and worked on my arm for literally over an hour. Also made sure I was given something for pain to keep me comfortable.


I was at St. Marys for a scheduled c-section. This was my second c-section in 12 years so I already had an idea what to expect, but I was beyond nervous!


After a week long tussle experiencing chest pains, I decided it was time that I have someone take a gander at me. (I must inject here that the last time I was admitted to a hospital, I was 6 years old. That was in 1959.) What I thought was acid reflux, just wouldn't seem to go away, so I knew it was time to come in. One of the biggest reasons I tend to stay away from doctors is my extreme fear or phobia of needles.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at St. Marys for everything they did for me - especially the staff on 5th floor south. They were competent in their job, and they made my stay there very comfortable. I appreciate everything they did for me. Even though I was in a lot of pain and discomfort, they did their best to help me. Again, I say THANKS.


I was admitted to the hospital when I was 21 weeks pregnant (due to being dilated 2 cm) and had to have an emergency cervical cerclage. I was a nervous wreck and knew that it was a very serious issue.


I stayed at St. Marys a week in October and delivered my second baby via C-section on Monday.


I arrived at St. Mary's for the most joyous occasion -- I was in labor with my first baby boy!!!


My experiences on the Swing Bed Unit at St. Mary's Warrick Hospital were all very positive! I have never met a more dedicated group of people. If you have to be sick, it's a great place to go. Everyone treated me with respect. I can only say positive things. They are very caring people and took such special care of me. I had many positive experiences at St. Mary's Warrick Hospital. I will never go any place else.


I would like to say "Thank You!" to some of your staff. I went to Ohio Valley HeartCare for a stress test. During the test I had a heart attack. I was taken to the cath lab and had a stent installed. From there I was taken into ICU, where I was taken care of by two of the best nurses that a person could meet.


My Father was recently an inpatient at St. Mary's. I want to thank all of the nursing staff for the wonderful care he was given while there. All of his needs were met in a professional and timely manner. The staff was very kind to our family as well. He was diagnosed with early colon cancer and had to have a colectomy, so it was very stressful for us on the day of surgery. Thank you for the care and compassion. It sets St. Mary's apart from the rest.


On December 2, my father was brought into St. Mary's ER via EMT. From the time I sat in the waiting room until dad's death, we received the best care possible, the care that St. Mary's and its employees are known for!


Our miracle was born at 22 weeks and 1 day. She weighed 1pound and 2.4 ounces! I gave birth to her on January 2009 and her due date was May, 2009. She was a true miracle!


In late September we began our 6 week journey that impacted my family and me.


I would like to thank every person at St. Mary's that contributes to such wonderful experiences for new mothers. From the labor and delivery nurse, to the lady bringing in lunch, to housekeeping who brings in a friendly smile. I delivered my third child at St. Mary's and each experience has been better than the last. The caring and warm environment was the perfect place to meet the newest addition to our family. The staff was wonderful to not only me as the patient, but to my entire family. Thank you so much for all you do!!!


Our baby girl was born 4 weeks and 1 day early. She was born very anemic, weighing only 4 pounds and 6 oz. and was rushed to St. Mary's in Evansville. They were very unsure if she was going to make it, but the doctors and staff that were taking care of her weren't going to let that happen. The staff was there at every move, beep of the equipment and able to answer any question that I had concerning our baby. Since I was unable to be transferred to St. Mary's, I had to call to see how she was. Her Daddy was there by her side the whole time.


I recently utilized the Emergency Department. I was more than pleased with the friendliness and caring professionalism displayed by Shasta, RN and Dr. Otto Susec. Shasta's warmness and concern eased my apprehension. She was very knowledgeable and skilled. Dr. Susec was caring, explaining fully what was occurring and discussing options, consequences and benefits. These employees contribute greatly to the high quality status of St. Mary's. Thank you for turning around an unpleasant experience.


I just want to say thank you for a wonderful experience at the birth of my son. He was born 9.14.09 and the nursing staff was so kind and great. One nurse even put together a "Big Brother" and "Big sister" foot and picture momento for my other kids to take to school. They absolutely loved it and loved showing it off. I wish I remember her name but I want her to know how much it was appreciated!


This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of having a St. Mary's experience. I usually do not write comments but I cannot tell you how proud I was to work for this organization this weekend.


Our granddaughter, Addison, was transported via ambulance to St. Mary's one year ago in critical condition. With God watching over, and St. Mary's care, we are celebrating her one year birthday, as she is a very healthy, loving, and wonderful little girl. May God Bless everyone at St. Mary's Hospital.

Jacob's Nana

The story I want to tell you is about my grandson Jacob. Jacob was born at 27 weeks gestation, weighing 2 lbs. 9 oz. and 14 1/2 inches long.


On Aug. 21 we were blessed with a newborn baby girl. I would just like to thank the labor and delivery nurses who took care of me that night. My nurse was so amazing and caring.


I had the most wonderful experience at Dr. DeAngela Crutcher's office today. I went as a new patient and was pleased with my experience from my first encounter with Lorna at the front desk all the way through to the end. Lorna was efficient, but also friendly and caring. As she registered me, the other staff who came and went through the front office were friendly and smiling. Nusha, Dr. Crutcher's nurse, was also friendly, smiling, and made me feel very comfortable.


Last year, I found out that I was expecting. There was no doubt in my mind that I would give birth to my baby at St. Mary's. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Melton. From the very first time I met her, I knew she was the right doctor for me.


Our little girl was born 15 weeks early. We weren't expecting her that early, but here she was! We knew little to nothing about premature babies, but the nurses and doctors in the NICU have been so helpful and understanding, answering the same questions over and over again for us. We are so thankful that she is in such capable hands, we know that the nurses treat her like their own. And we enjoy visiting the nurses along with our little girl. We appreciate all they do for us.


I would like to commend the parking valets for their courteous and timely service. My husband was in the hospital, and if not for the valets, I would not have been able to visit. With the heat, combined with my underlying health issues I would not have been able to walk from the parking lot to the front door. I think all the valets should be commended for their service and their winning attitudes. Thank you all.


When I found out that my 16 year old daughter was needing Gallbladder surgery, I knew that the surgery needed to be done at St. Mary's. I knew that the nurses would watch her closely and take good care of her.


I recently had a baby at St. Mary's. My labor and delivery experience and post partum care were exceptional! The staff could not have been more encouraging and courteous. My labor staff Linda (RN) and Meghan (CST) was awesome. My post partum nurses Genise and Sarah were great and very attentive!

Mary Rose

Everyday Victories....brought to us by the Everyday Heroes at St. Mary's.


I had a normal first pregnancy. My husband and I moved across the country when I was about 5 months pregnant. I was nervous with the move and had issues with trying to decide where I wanted to deliver and get my prenatal care going again.

Reaffirmed Our Faith In the Goodness of People

My husband and I want to thank your remarkable staff for the kindness, competence,compassion and care that he received during his recent hospital stay. We began our experience in the Emergency room where we were treated with respect, patience and understanding.


My daughter had surgery at Surgicare. I was so pleased with the care and compassion we received there that I wanted to share it. We were greeted upon arrival and everything seemed to flow smoothly. Every person we came into contact with was pleasant and seemed to really care about us. Time seemed to go by so fast. The nurses seemed so efficient and caring. I never heard anyone complaining about their day. They created a very positive environment. That evening Dr. Logan himself called to check up on our daughter. WOW what an experience! I'm sure in retrospect that we were just one of many that they treated. But honestlly I felt as if our daughter was their only patient. Please pass my message on to the Surgicare staff. I was very very happy with their...


On Monday Jan 26th my husband left Holland, Michigan to go to St. Louis and then Evansville for his job. He is a long distance truck driver with Holland Motors and they have a terminal in Evansville.


My husband sufferred a cardiac arrest and MI at home and was given CPR immediately and defibrillated by the AED brought by the firefighters. Paramedics stabilized him and brought him to the ER. He was immediately cared for by the ER staff and Dr. Sorentino. The cath lab and Dr. Behrens was called in and he received four stents. He was unconscious and then taken to ICU where the staff got him settled and came to talk with our family. We were very frightened and upset. His condition was explained by his nurse and we were given both good and bad news. Only time would tell his prognosis. He received excellent care in ICU. The staff were very informative and caring. He progressed and regained full alertness and cognition and is back to himself by the end of the week.


I was hospitalized at 33 weeks for complications. I ended up having Drew at 34 weeks.


Being in premature labor for over a week was so different than what I had planned for the delivery of my daughter. Being transferred to St. Mary's in Evansville, I believe is what saved my daughter's life.


I was scheduled to have a mammogram. At 30 years old, that was the scariest day of my life. I cried the whole night before. I cried on the way to my appointment, I even cried during my appointment. Dawnelle came out and sat with me. God saw me struggling and sent me an angel to help me get over that hurdle. She stayed with me the whole time. Telling me stories to get my mind off the mammogram. I was blessed my results came back all good, but St. Mary's is blessed to have Dawnelle. Dawnelle, THANK YOU for being there for me!!! God bless you!


I had outpatient surgery at St. Mary's. Having worked in medical settings my whole adult life, I've seen lots of patient care. I must say my encounter at St. Mary's was the greatest. EVERYONE worked at maintaining my excellent care and showed such professionalism. Thanks, surgery staff, for making my surgery a success!


Our son Parker was born about 6 weeks early and was transported from our local hospital to St. Mary's a little over 6 hours after he was born. Right when my son arrived, he was already breathing on his own and we got a call from Dr. Arnaez stating that Parker was already improving. I want to tell all the doctors and nurses in the NICU thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Parker those 2 1/2 weeks he was there. You could tell all the doctors and nurses truly cared and wanted to get our son healthier. He is now a 4-month old chunker and wouldn't be here without the great care of the St. Mary's NICU staff.


I wanted to send an accolade in regards to one of St. Mary's Family Medicine physicians.


I am 11 year old boy. I had a baseball accident this past year when I was warming my arm up pitching in the batter's cage to my dad and he hit a line-drive and injured my right eye. I spent four days in Pediatrics ICU at St. Mary's. My eye injury was bad, I had three facial fractures, I couldn't see, my face was swollen and black and blue, there was blood built up in my eye, and they thought I had a leak from my brain into my eye. But by the grace of God, and some really, really, smart and quick thinking of all five of the doctors who helped me, my vision is back to normal. My pupil doesn't dilate normally, but my vision is 20/20 again. My eye doctor Dr. G. Hayden told us that it will dilate back to normal in time....

Tim & David

Our father has been a patient in the TSICU (Trauma/Surgical Intensive Care Unit). We would like to thank the entire staff for taking care of our father in such a professional manner and with a great deal of respect and kindness.


Saturday Sept 8th we arrived in the ER with our cranky one year old son with a raging fever of 105.


I just wanted to say "Thank You" again to the staff of the NICU and doctors. My son, Isaiah, spent 4 months in that unit in 2001-2002 and last week something amazing happened!


It was ten years ago in April that I had my little boy there.


I went to the ER for a pain in my lower abs, figured it was a


I was admitted to St. Mary's with high temp, shortness of breath and an unknown infection. I was admitted and remained for several days.


Just a big hats off to Dr. Marchino and the ER staff on the night of March 27th.


Just wanted to thank all of the therapists that helped our son's burn heal. Zeke is doing very well and it's because of the excellent care he received during therapy. You treated him as if he were your own and we greatly appreciated it!


I delivered two daughters at St. Mary's Hospital for Women and Children and both times were wonderful experiences. I wouldn't want to deliver any other place.


My story begins in October. My daughter gave birth to a 1lb 12oz baby boy ten weeks early. From the time he was born until the present day the doctors and nursing staff in the neonatal intensive care were wonderful. When my wife and I visited our grandson, the nurses were great. My daughter and son-in-law know them by their first names. I have not had one bad experience at all. My hats off to St.Mary's and the great nurses in the nursery. Thank you and may God Bless,


We would just like to say how wonderful St. Mary's hospital


Wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the care and kindness I received while a patient at St. Mary's.


I recently had my mother brought in to your emergency. Her care in the Emergency Room prior to being admitted was excellent. Dr. Vaughan (ER physician) was very helpful and understanding.


Recently our son Marcus celebrated his 11th birthday. Just a quick note of thanks for everything you did 11 years ago. You were kind, gentle, caring and understanding and we appreciate that. Marcus spent a couple months with you, and now he's the tallest in his class, plays the guitar quite well, is in the gifted program in school, and tests academically in the top 1 percent of all the kids in Missouri his age.


My story isn't like some of the others I've read but mine is very special to me. My son was born at St. Marys last year 4 days before Christmas. He was born four weeks early and was taken straight from me to the NICU. I wasn't even able to hold him for 24 hours. He was kept in the NICU for over two weeks because of his being early and I honestly believe that he received the best care I would have ever imagined. I never thought I could trust someone else with the well-being of my child but the nurses and doctors that worked in the NICU I would trust with my life and the life of my son and my soon to be born son. My story isn't a one of a baby being born at one pound or anything but like all babies he was a...


I presented myself as a patient in your ER facility recently. I was processed quickly by a most amiable and efficient staff.


On a beautiful late October day in 1999, my world came crashing down. I was barely 7 months (30 weeks) into my pregnancy, and my blood pressure had spiraled so out of control that my doctor gave me two options: deliver my daughter prematurely, or risk death.


My mother was brought to St. Mary's. She received the best care. She had been in the ER before, but I was never so impressed as I was that day. Her nurse was excellent!! He was on the ball and took care of my mom's every need. Even when she wasn't conscious he spoke to her as she was. I just wanted to let you know what a gem you have in your ER.


I have a son who was born at another hospital and was transferred there. He was having difficulty breathing and all the local hospital had was just oxygen which was not helping. Your staff came and picked him up and brought him there. I really never thought he would live. Your staff had him looking so much better literally in just hours. The staff was so nice and friendly to me I was able to call in every hour as I am 2 hrs from Evansville. I tried to make the trip daily to see my son. So I want to say your staff saved my son and I will never forget my experience there. Thank you St Mary's For everthing.

Leigh Ann

My husband has a heart condition. Our 2 year old daughter had to have an ECHO done to rule out the same problem. Andy, in the Cardiology department, was very kind and patient with our daughter. He was very understanding. He didn't seemed rushed and took his time with her. He explained everything to me and my husband and allowed us to be in the room with our daughter and hold her during the exam. His caring personality was appreciated. Everything went very smoothly from the pre-registration call to the actual exam. We couldn't have asked for better care. Thank you.


I had a lot of angels -- including the wonderful doctors and staff at St. Mary's Breast Center. Dr. Harmon had found a tumor the size of a BB. And that was before St. Mary's Breast Center had the incredibly accurate digital mammography. My tumor was malignant. And I went to pieces.


From the time that we entered the Emergency Room door until we had our patient in her room, Connie had a constant smile on her face and was obviously happy to be at work. She made our patient's day as well as ours. She is a true asset to your staff. JOB WELL DONE!!


At 28 years of age and 290 pounds I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of feeling terrible and I was constantly depressed about how I looked. I had tried the regular diets…, Weight Watchers, clinicals, and had taken every prescription and non-prescription weight loss pill available. I needed something that would work!


My husband and I recently had our first baby at St. Mary's. We were told by our friends that the Hospital staff is wonderful, so we chose St. Mary's. During and after labor and delivery we were in such great hands. The nurses were absolutely wonderful - they paid special attention to us and our little bundle of joy. They were caring, patient, loving and very willing to help and assist us. Thank you for all the nurses on the third floor...especially to the newborn nursery and the lactation services nurses. You made our lives easier! THANK YOU!


My son was born premature and sent to St. Mary's. While he was there, he was treated with the greatest most special care a parent could have asked for. All of his nurses and doctors that were looking after him were so kind and gentle to not only him, but to us too. If for some reason we weren't there in the morning, we would call and check on him. The nurses just made us feel wonderful about having to leave him there when we did. It is a very hard and trying time for a new parent to go through and the staff at St. Mary's made it so much easier for us!! Thank you St. Mary's you all are wonderful people!!


Carrying around an extra 100+ pounds just doesn't fit into an active lifestyle. I work on my feet. I have a five-year-old to keep up with. And I was starting to see the signs of health complications: back pain, high cholesterol, high blood sugar.


I originally came to St. Mary's Senior Health Center because my husband was seeing a doctor there. My first -- and lasting -- impression of the Senior Health Center was, "This is great." So convenient, everything I usually need is right here at their Washington Square Mall location: doctors, nurses, laboratories and X-ray.


I've been fighting weight problems for most of my life. Having kids really made it bad. I just kept gaining weight. I could see the health problems coming, so I started researching solutions. On my son's 16th birthday, I had gastric bypass surgery at St. Mary's Bariatric Center.

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