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October 2010 Healthy Living


High-Impact Activity May Be Good for Old Bones

Rx for Office Pains: Strength Exercises

Exercise Guards White Blood Cells Against Aging

Active Video Games Count as Exercise

For Older Walkers, Faster Is Better


Diet Soda, Sodium Tied to Kidney Trouble: Studies

Fast Eating Limits Gut Hormones That Induce Fullness

Salt Really Does Boost Health Risks

To Feel Better, Low-Fat Diet May Be Best

Benefits of Eating Fish May Depend on Preparation

Mind & Body

Can a Bad Boss Make You Sick?

Loving Relationships May Help Block Pain

Retirement Brings Most a Big Health Boost

Chocolate Soothes the Stressed-Out Soul

<Depression May Blur Memory of Aches and Pains

Family & Home

Married With Children Paves Way to Happiness

Household Chemicals May Affect Cholesterol Levels

Bad-Behaving Teens May Be Living Up to Expectations

Graduated Driver's Licensing Saves Lives: Study

Traffic, Dust Linked to Asthma in Kids


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