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February 2010 Healthy Living


Walk 100 Steps a Minute for 'Moderate' Exercise

Men Who Get Active in Midlife Live Longer

Kids Who Live Near Green Spaces Seem to Walk More

Any Exercise Good After a Heart Attack

School PE Programs Don't Lower Child Obesity


U.S. Diet Needs Heart-Felt Overhaul

Older Americans May Lack Adequate Nutrition

Mom Was Right: Eat Your Broccoli

Too Much Red Meat May Shorten Life Span

Using Too Much Salt Is Common in U.S., CDC Says

Mind & Body

Across All Cultures, Dreams Affect Behavior

Music Can Help Restore Stroke Patients' Sight

Mental Exhaustion Impedes Physical Performance

Contact Lenses Boost Kids' Self-Image

Registry Created for Broken Heart Syndrome

Family & Home

Families That Eat Together Serve Up Good Dietary Habits

In Tough Times, Kids May Find Solace With Grandparents

City Kids Find the Breathin' Is Easier Elsewhere

Fewer Teens Sniffing Glue, Household Products

Healthy Foods Harder to Find in Poor Neighborhoods


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