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December 2010 Healthy Living


For Fitness, Cutting Calories May Not Be Enough

More Proof Exercise Leads to Healthier Aging

TV Watching May Shorten Your Life

Exercise May Stave Off Mental Decline

Add Some Woof! to Your Workout


Showing Kids How Fast They Eat May Help Them Shape Up

Calorie Counts on Food Labeling Often Off

Why You Eat for the Joy of It

Shedding Light on Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help the Heart

Most Fast-Food French Fries Cooked in Unhealthiest Oil

Mind & Body

Stress of Caring for Disabled Spouse Raises Stroke Threat

Your Body Moves Through Time With Your Mind

Psychotherapy May Help Teen Girls Avoid Obesity

Tune Up Your Health

Video Gaming Just Might Fight Aging

Family & Home

Using Kitchen Spoons Ups Risk of Dosing Errors

Are Two Mommies as Good as Mom and Dad?

Kids' Use of Alternative Therapies Often Mimics Parents'

Environment Crucial to Boosting Child's Reading Skills

Parents Not Taking Concussions Seriously Enough


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