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December 2010 Healthy Living


Teens Might Exercise More If They Think It's Fun

As Temperature Plummets, It's Still Safe to Exercise

Exercise Can Quiet Anxiety That Comes With Illness

Biking to School Boosts Kids' Fitness

Wii Popularity Leads to New Kind of Gaming Injury


3 Home Habits Help Youngsters Stay Slim

Gas Cooking Might Up Your Cancer Risk

Movies Loaded With Images of Junk Food

Too Much Mercury in Canned Tuna -- Or Is There?

Beer for the Bones?

Mind & Body

Happiness Protects Your Heart

Mediterranean Diet May Help Keep You Smarter

Strong 'Sweet Tooth' in Kids Tied to Family's Mental Health

Happy Marriage Cuts Men's Risk for Stroke

Fitness Boosts Brain Power in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Family & Home

Children Likelier to See Dentist if Parents Go Too

Parents' Divorce Doesn't Harm College-Age Kids

Want to Find Love? Be Giving

Internet Addicts More Prone to Depression

Loving Foster Homes Improve Kids' Attention, Impulsivity


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