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More Related Information

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August 2010 Healthy Living


Daily Exercise? Who Knew!

>Exercise Benefits Even the Oldest Old

Exercise May Help Maintain Weight Loss

Exercise During Pregnancy Keeps Newborn Size Normal

Exercise May Prevent Prostate Cancer: Study


Fruit Even Healthier Than Thought: Study

More Whole Grains May Mean Less Fat

With Fancy Coffees, Calories Can Add Up

Tasty Foods Send Signal to Brain to Keep Eating

Caffeine Without Healthy Diet Linked to Heart Risk

Mind & Body

Depression May Hasten Cancer Death

Yoga Can Ease Lower Back Pain

Anxious Kids at Risk for Obesity in Adulthood

Trouble With Daily Activities Could Point to Alzheimer's Risk

Social Status as a Teen Predicts Health as an Adult

Family & Home

Single Parents May Do as Well as Two: Study

Spanking May Lower Kids' IQs

In Toys and More, Are Chemicals Safe or Harmful?

Firm Parents Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Children's Growth Charts Don't Measure Up With Parents


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