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More Related Information

More Related Information

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Surging Internet Use Cutting Into Family Time

American kids and their parents are now spending more hours huddled alone around computer screens and cell phone displays, seriously eroding the amount of time families spend together. That's according to a new report that found the time per week that families interact as group has fallen by nearly a third between 2005 and 2008. full story»

Future of Medicine

Testing to Keep Young Athletes Alive

Most teenagers think they're invincible, and that goes double for talented teenage athletes. They're young, immortal, at the top of their game, the envy of their friends. So when news hits that an apparently healthy, high school or college athlete has dropped dead in the midst of playing his or her favorite sport, millions of other parents get understandably anxious. full story»

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A Key Prescription for Seniors: Keep Moving

A birthday card currently on the market for older adults, meant to be humorous, shows a vulture on a tree branch, with the admonition to "Keep moving." Though some might find the humor sick, the blunt message is right on: It's never too late to start exercise, and any amount is better than none, exercise experts say. full story»

Foods to Keep You Young

Heart Center

CT Scans Add Up

CT Scans Add Up

So Does Radiation Risk

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