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More Related Information

More Related Information

August 2004 Healthy Living


No Vigorous Exercise Needed to Shed Weight
Studies showing that women who exercise more and eat less lose weight hardly seem the stuff of big headlines, but new research puts some fairly precise numbers about physical activity and calories into the equation.

Exercise Testing Predicts Heart Death
Exercise testing not only helps predict a person's risk of death, but it can also help rule out those who don't require aggressive treatment for cardiovascular disease, a study says.
Working Off Weight Helps Those With Syndrome X
A combination of exercise and weight loss greatly reduces the risk of insulin overproduction and lowers the blood pressure of people who have a condition called Syndrome X.
Fight the "Freshman 15"
College tuition costs keep increasing, but your weight during your freshman year doesn't have to do the same.

Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk
Here's another reason to put down that remote control and get moving: Research shows that moderate, simple exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer -- even if you don't start until your menopause years.

Minerals Worth Their Salt to Curb Hypertension
If you're like many Americans, you scour food labels for the sodium content of what lies beneath.
More Signs That Red Wine May Cut Cholesterol
Scientists have found another group of chemicals that may be responsible for red wine's cholesterol-lowering effects.
Nutritional Information at Your Fingertips
If you want to have quick access to nutrition information, you can download the U.S. National Nutrient Database onto your personal computer or laptop.
Food Fight
If you think obesity isn't a problem in the United States, ponder these facts.
Better Diet Even Late in Life May Prolong It
A new British study offers hope for all those procrastinating dieters out there.
Mind & Body

Emotion Takes Memory on Roller Coaster Ride
When you remember an emotional event, your memory of it may be very accurate, but you are likely to forget the events that preceded it, researchers report.

How to Start the School Year Right
As millions of American children return to the classroom after the long summer break, parents need to do their own homework to help ensure their kids' health, safety and success.
First Year of Widowhood the Toughest
The first year of widowhood is the most difficult in terms of mental health, but widows do recover after a period of time, says an American study in the September issue of Health Psychology.
Love Gone Wrong Can Trigger Depression
A combination of serious loss and humiliation -- especially involving marriage or romantic breakups -- may increase a person's risk for major depression, says a Virginia Commonwealth University study.
Bipolar Disorder a Misunderstood Disease
A new survey found 78 percent of Americans polled failed to name bipolar disorder as a mental illness and 38 percent couldn't name a single symptom associated with the disease.
Family & Home
The ABCs of Safe Medicine Use
For some children, taking medication during the school day is crucial, whether it's for a nasty cold or a chronic condition such as asthma.
Old-Fashioned Cures for Common Ailments
Some old-fashioned home remedies may work as well, or better, than commercial remedies for treating common childhood aches and pains.

When Stormy Weather Gives You a Migraine
An approaching storm may prompt many to reach for an umbrella, but for migraine sufferers, those clouds may mean it's time to reach for a bottle of aspirin.

Senior Laugh Lines Do Smooth Out
Their aging brains may not always get the joke, but when seniors understand that something is funny, they enjoy a good laugh as much as younger people do, says a new Canadian study.
Hair-Raising Facts About Head Lice
Revulsion and alarm. These are the typical first reactions of parents whose children come home from school with head lice. But experts say parents shouldn't let panic upend their home needlessly as they race about trying to rid their kids -- and possibly themselves -- of the sesame seed-sized parasites.
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