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More Related Information

More Related Information

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Erythromycin taken with certain medications may increase risk of sudden cardiac death. To learn more, visit our health alerts page.

Prostate Health Month
Prostate Health Month

Prostate cancer often does not cause symptoms for many years and, by the time symptoms do occur, the disease may have spread beyond the prostate.... Learn more about preventive measures and what to look for by visiting our resource page.

West Nile Virus
West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus, which is transmitted to humans and various other mammals by the bite of an infected mosquito, is a flavivirus commonly found in the Middle East, Africa and West Asia. Learn more by visiting our resource page.

Healthy Living
Herb Product Labels Vary Greatly

Herb Product Labels Vary Greatly - A new study finds that herbal supplements rarely meet textbook benchmarks for ingredients and dosages, which is considered critical information that could have serious consequences for people who mix diet aids with prescription drugs.

Future of Medicine
Brain Chemicals Hold Clue to Treatments of Emotional Disorders

One of the most effective anti-drug advertising campaigns was the public service announcement showing an egg frying away in a pan with the superimposition: "This is your brain on drugs."

Foods to Keep You Young
Health News Feature

Even with Antibiotics, Strep Infection is Still Dangerous

Strep throat, typically characterized by a sore throat and white patches on the tonsils, is a dangerous bacterium that should be addressed immediately. If left untreated, the complications could be severe....

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Body Image Problems? Not for Women Only

Body Image Problems?

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