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Genesis Health Alliance

Genesis Health Alliance

Genesis Health Alliance -
Improving the Health of the Communities We Serve

St. Mary's is a member of Genesis Health Alliance which is composed of over 20 hospital members throughout the tri-state.

Special thanks to St. Mary's for hosting the Genesis Health Alliance webpages. This consideration will enable us to maintain control over our costs.

Genesis Health Alliance (GHA) is composed of 18 hospital members; five are located in Southeast Illinois, seven are located in Southwest Indiana, and six are located in Western Kentucky. A member listing is included on this website.

Genesis Health Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors composed of one CEO and one physician (optional) from each member and meets quarterly. Genesis Health Alliance is funded by membership dues and administrative vendor fees.

The member hospitals have various ownership and management. For example, some are county hospitals, some are religious affiliates, and some have various system ownerships. All are non-profit organizations. Our hospitals are managed by Alliant, Quorum, VHA, Ascension Health, etc. Some hospitals are very large (600 beds) and some are very small (20 beds).

One of the missions of Genesis Health Alliance is to improve the health status of the communities served. This has been accomplished through activities as varied as an award-winning free diabetes screening initiative to assisting the member hospitals with group purchasing initiatives.

In addition to the free diabetes screenings, in 2008 Genesis introduced its peripheral arterial disease awareness coalition. The primary goal of the screening and awareness programs is to identify individuals with early risk factors for those specific diseases. Genesis also launched its Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative leading up to the 2010-2011 school year. The goal of this initiative was to raise awareness of the dangers of childhood obesity and to encourage good eating habits and physical fitness beginning at an early age. These programs have now evolved into our family of director level networking groups and continue to provide knowledge-based support for individual hospital studies.

The purpose of the Genesis Health Alliance group purchasing initiative is to assist the Genesis hospital members in improving services and reducing operational expenses for those services and/or products that are local or regional in nature and not a part of the members' national group purchasing contracts. The group purchasing initiative is not to replace or compete with any national group purchasing organization but to help maximize the members' purchasing power by pooling financial and professional influence when negotiating group purchasing contracts.

Please see the link to our list of Vendor Services in the navigation on the left.

Genesis Health Alliance works to facilitate networking among the member hospitals. Various networking groups work together to:

  • Share information
  • Provide education
  • Position for market changes
  • Open doors of communication

The following networking groups meet on a regular or as needed basis:

  • Rehab/PT Directors
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Radiology Directors
  • Respiratory Therapy Directors
  • Materials Management Directors
  • Laboratory Directors
  • Emergency Directors
  • RAC / Compliance Group
  • Marketing Directors
  • Disaster Preparedness Group
  • Case Management Directors
  • Nursing Directors
  • Surgery Directors
  • Physician Practice Managers
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